Red Watch Band Training

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What is toxic drinking?

Toxic drinking is an epidemic on campuses all across America. It means consuming so much alcohol the drinker passes out. But while "sleeping it off," the victim may be quietly dying. When you come right down to it, it's a problem that only students can tackle. The Red Watch Band (RWB) movement is designated to end alcohol overdose death by teaching student how to handle alcohol emergencies and summon professional help.

Red Watch Band Watch

Lehigh provides RWB training as a peer-based alcohol bystander intervention program. The training provides the knowledge, awareness and skills to recognize when another student may be experiencing alcohol poisoning and may be in need of medical attention.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding Lehigh’s social policy and medial amnesty
  • Identifying the signs of a life threatening alcohol overdose
  • Identifying the environments and high risk behaviors
  • Distinguishing between facts & myths of alcohol first aid

We all have the INSTINCT to do the right thing. As RED WATCH BAND member, YOU have the COURAGE to act to save a life!