Residence Hall Association (RHA)

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The Residence Hall Association (RHA) strives to improve the quality of life in all Lehigh University Residence Halls through social and educational programming, leadership development, and student advocacy. RHA is comprised of students from each residential area, totaling over 2,500 members and constituents.

The Residence Hall Association is led by an elected Executive Board that consists of six positions. The Executive Board is selected by the the Residence Hall Council (RHC) leadership each February, and the new Executive Board assumes leadership starting in May for the following academic year. To be considered for the RHA Executive Board, the candidate must have served on an RHC for at least one semester. 

Each residence hall community has a Residence Hall Council (RHC) of elected officials in six different positions who lead that specific community. The Presidents and Vice-Presidents of each RHC attend the RHA General Meetings to propose events for their communities, request funding, vote on campus-wide initiatives, and learn of collaborative opportunities with our student groups and organizations. All decisions are made by popular vote from the RHA Executive Board and RHC leadership.


RHA plans social and educational programming on a campus-wide scale. These large programs are developed by the RHA Executive Board in consultation with the RHCs and often in collaboration with other student groups or campus offices. RHCs plan programming for their specific community, but will often collaborate with other halls on competitive programs or to share funding. You can view a list of upcoming RHA programs by clicking here!

Student groups and organizations also ask for funding from RHA for campus-wide programming. RHA sets aside a limited amount of funding to assist other student organizations. To learn how to request funding for your organization, please visit the Contact RHA page on this website.

Leadership Development

RHA seeks to develop campus leaders by offering leadership positions through the 13 Residence Hall Councils and the RHA Executive Board. Each year, the RHA Executive Board and 2 representatives from each RHC attend the Great Pocono Escape leadership retreat in September. 


RHA serves as the student-led governing board for residential students in Lehigh's residence halls. Each RHC has an Advocacy Coordinator who plans Hall Forums in which residents can put forth ideas or suggestions that can be taken to the Office of Residence Life, Office of Residential Services, or other University offices. The Advocacy Chair on the RHA Executive Board works with the Advocacy Coordinators to represent the student voice. Additionally, RHA collaborates and works with other stakeholders on Lehigh's campus, such as Student Senate and the Greek Councils, on programming and advocacy. 


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