Student Affairs Foundational Principles

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Student Affairs Foundational Principles:

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to ensuring that students leave Lehigh as academically accomplished, self-confident, creative and productive leaders, citizens and persons of sound character. Ultimately, we want our students to be uniquely well-prepared to thrive in a challenging and complex world. We recognize the need to support students as they flourish as individuals and as they contribute to a sense of a campus community that is characterized by respect for self and respect for others. We strive to demonstrate and measure our annual progress in the context of the fundamental principles presented below:

1.  Commitment to Student Learning and Development

We engage students in the discovery of knowledge, exploration of skills, connection with others, and application of behaviors that cultivate self-efficacy and lifelong learning.

2.  Commitment to Community

We embrace a prominent role in the shared responsibility to promote an inclusive community characterized by a genuine sense of belonging and demonstrated respect for self and others.

3.  Commitment to Purposeful Action

We empower students to integrate learning and development by leading with integrity and contributing to the community as active, engaged citizens.

4.  Commitment to Staff Professional Growth and Development 

We foster a professional culture that values and promotes staff member learning and engagement, as well as the sharing of knowledge and expertise, both on and off campus.


Student Affairs Areas of Focus

Areas of focus within the Division of Student Affairs are important priorities that typically represent our work around an emerging or ongoing issue that spans multiple departments within our unit and is directly connected to two or more of the Foundational Principles listed above.  These initiatives may be one year or multi-year efforts. They require strategic thinking, collaborative partnerships, a concentrated amount of attention and resources, and careful assessment and evaluation to be successful.

Three Areas of Focus for 2019-2020:

With these retooled Foundational Principles as a backdrop, we also identified three themes/areas of focus for 2018-2019, and it is our hope that these become further embedded into the fabric of the entire division. Each department/area has been tasked with identifying key initiatives for the year, which incorporate each of the three themes:

  1. Community - Programs, processes, initiatives, etc. that promote, encourage, or otherwise bolster a sense of community on campus.
  2. The Lehigh Experience - Active conversations, observations, and documentation of ways (to include programs, traditions, etc.) in which our students' undergraduate experience is distinctive.  "The Lehigh Experience" discussions are in the context of identifying common/shared experiences that resonate with current students and alumni as we prepare to embark upon a significant, and institution-defining, fundraising campaign.
  3. An Exemplary Student Affairs Division - Specific, quantifiable, assessable efforts that seek to deliver top-tier services to our students while serving as an exemplary to similar office/departments on other campuses. Each of the 20+ offices within our division should strive to be the "gold standard" for that specialized area of service.