Summer 2020 Activity and Engagement Policy

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DATE: June 1st, 2020
TO: Student Club & Organization Leaders
RE: Summer 2020 Activity and Engagement Policy

In order to support student organizations with summer activities and engagement opportunities, the Office of Student Engagement has created guidelines to manage summer purchases by student organizations. 

Before conducting any summer activity or engagement opportunity, student organizations must complete the Summer 2020 Club Activity & Engagement Planning Form on LINC. In order for organizations to use funds over the summer, a form must be submitted. Funds that are used without prior approval from the Office of Student Engagement will not be reimbursed. This policy will be in effect from June 1st, 2020 - August 24th, 2020.

If a student organization wants to use funding for summer purchases, the funds must come from the organization’s club funds account which can be found on LINC. Organizations will not be able to use any Student Senate Funds until the start of the Fall semester.

To access the Summer Activity and Engagement Form, please click here. Please allow 3-5 business days for your form submission to be approved by the Office of Student Engagement. 

Summer activities and engagement opportunities are categorized as:

  1. Summer Activity/Engagement Opportunity Requiring Funding

    1. Examples: Prizes for social media contests, gift cards, supplies to run an event

  1. Summer Activity/Engagement Opportunity Not Requiring Funding

    1. Examples: General body meetings, virtual movie showings, team building activities

  1. Summer Purchases (Non-Activity/Engagement Opportunity)

    1. Examples: Swag, event supplies, member items, etc.

Please keep in mind that the Summer Activity and Engagement Policy is geared towards virtual/remote events for student clubs. If your club is hosting in-person events, they must adhere to your state’s current COVID-19 policies and regulations regarding in-person gatherings. It is strongly encouraged that all club activity occurs virtually. 

Reminder: If you need of a reimbursement, please email

If you have any questions regarding the Summer Activity and Engagement Policy, please reach out to