Thank You to the Lehigh Community!

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Please tell us about anyone at Lehigh who has been particularly helpful to you during this transition so that we can thank them for their service to our students.

Clara Buie (OMA)

Renee (OMA)

Ms. Barb (CSO)

Carolina Hernandez (CSO)

Heather Johnson

Karen Rodriguez

Everyone at the HEALTH CENTER, LUPD, Dining Services, ABM & all essential services

The Center for Academic Success Peer Tutoring staff

Marie Sophie Armstrong, Erica Hoelscher, Scott Gordon, Lorenzo Servitje, Karen Huffstodt, Jae Hyung  Ahn, Helen Beedle

Katie Guynn

Johnnie from Financial Aid and Chris Larkin

My advisor

Doug Mahoney, Chair of Faculty Senate. He has responded quickly and with helpful advice to my emails.

Chelsea Gilbert and Mel Kitchen from the Pride Center

My teachers have been great during this time and have put so much time and effort toward making sure we can complete our work in an effective way. 

Heather Johnson has been very supportive, along with Christa Neu and Carolina Hernandez. They have been my main faculty contacts during this time, and when they reached out to me it helped me feel connected to the community still despite the distance and dissonance. 

Erin Matyus, Lisa Farnin, Thomas Rees

Jason Travers has been very understanding with his deadlines and Rob McCloskey has done a great job as well.

Beth Yen and Kristen Jellison

Laura Marciano

Lehigh Athletics Department

Lehigh Taylor Gym staff has been great in posting workouts to keep me active at home. I also appreciate the payroll office continuing to provide work-study pay.

Friends at Lehigh and from school's clubs

I would like to thank Dr.Marilisa Jimenez for being such an understanding professor and being there for us during these changes. She has gone out of her way to make sure we are not overwhelmed with work but also has made sure we are still engaged in the course.

All my professors

Professor Diggs and Amanda Cortezzo

Professor Vilanova. I have not personally had any issues, but he has been a constant source of positivity and always offering to help the students in his class in any way that he can. He realizes that this is a big change, and not everyone has the resources available to them that they would have had at Lehigh, and he wants us to know that he understands and will do anything that he can to help.

Sabrina Jedlicka, Brian Slocum

My professor Kristen Jellison has been very understanding of the situation we’re in, and has been lenient in terms of when things should be competed. She’s been very fair, very helpful and very kind. 

Dr. Marilisa Jimenez has been very understanding if student's situations and has probably checked in to make sure everything is okay.

Dr. John Smith has also checked in and tried to accommodate to students.

Carter Gilbert

Karen Rodriguez

Gregory Skutches

Jasmine Woodson

Isaiah Allekotte 

Katie Rene

Professor Virginia McSwain has been wonderful.

While her lectures have changed little, she's been very open with us about COVID and even gave a few lectures about epidemiology to give us an open forum to discuss the effects of this together.

Professor Manzo (ACCT) and Professor Farnin (BIS) for their understanding and help in arranging projects/tests to fit with my sporadic schedule

Professor Jennifer Gross has really given us a lot of flexibility which I really appreciate. She was one of the only teachers to allow us to have the exam open to take at any time during the day. I really appreciated that because I am in a different time zone and I am sure lots of other students are also in different time zones which makes it harder to do everything on east coast time. She also allowed us to write out our calculations so we could get partial credit and a reasonable grade.

Aliana Lungu has become like a grandmother to the orgo 2 lab students. Please thank her for being so kind

Most of my professors as well as my advisor

Professor Diggs, Director of the Marching 97

Chloe Goldstein

Michelle Conrad (academic coaching) and Lori McClaind from Student Affairs, Chris Bilder from UCPS, Professor Swann for academic coaching

Katherine Robinson was helpful and supportive to me durning this time and also other teachers/TAs for making some accommodations for me because of my work schedule like Shawn Hutchinson, Econ TA. 

Some of my friends have kept me calm through all the hard times

Advisor - Javier Buceta and coach Sean Leary along with all athletics leadership directors.

My english professor Laura Marciano has been the only professor of mine who continues to reassure us and reach out to let us know that we can talk to her about anything, whether it be her class, another class, or anything personal that we need to get off of our chest. She is also the only one who has acknowledged many times how she understands that this was a difficult transition for us. 

Joshua Ehrig has done a wonderful job making the best of this situation and continuing to make class engaging

Professor Marsh and Katy Rene!!

Prof. John Smith in the history department did a really good job adjusting to online classes.

Larry Tartagalia 

Professor Nick Strandwitz

Linda Lipkis

Emma Dillon, Lehigh university graduate this fall who stayed to intern with office of communications. She has relayed information from President Simon regarding reassurance and graduation.

Professor Jim Dearden is really good at teaching online through zoom. I recommend sharing his lecture recordings with other faculty, so they can gain insight into what makes a successful online lecture.

Prof. Monica Miller has been the most helpful! Scott Burden is also great and checked in with me. Other people who have been very kind/understanding are Prof. Lindsey Reuben Muñoz, Greg Skutches (& the TRAC fellow leadership team) and Chelsea Gilbert. Prof. Adriana Perez Limón has done a great job at transitioning her class to an online setting, motivating us but also being very accommodating.

Dr. Allison Mickel has gone above and beyond to check on the wellbeing of her students throughout this time. 

Robert Duquette, Olena Nikolai-Rzhevska, Chitra Nayar, James Brennan

Professor Stephanie Gresh, she has been extremely understanding of everyone's current situation, and has made adjustments as needed to accommodate the students.

My friends have been the most uplifting part of this whole experience. They're right there with me in what I am experiencing, they understand my frustrations, my loss of motivation, my depleting mental health, anything about school that is getting me down---which happens to be a lot, if not, most of it right now---I can reach out to them and they'll talk with me.

Most of my professors.

Carol Hill and Graduate Assistant Abby Voelkner have been amazing at providing work opportunities for students who received work study or were on staff as a building supervisor of the UC. They have also both done a great job of checking in with students and making sure everyone is staying healthy and safe.

Everyone in the Office of Student Engagement (especially Aarsenio, Alfredo, and Nick Christy) have also been doing a great job of keeping in contact with students and providing them with opportunities to stay involved and busy during this time.

Anyone involved with the efficient and effective communication of information to students about the ever-evolving situation. 

My teachers and TA's for helping me transition through the material that I wished to learn back on campus.

My professors. Especially Phillip Coles and Dr. Mawritz who have been exceptional and understanding teachers. 

Chelsea Gilbert & Scott Burden

Sean Leary

Dr. Emily Pope - Obeda and Professor Mary Anne Madeira

Professor Justin Corvino in the Math Department and Professor Paul Quinn in the Physics Department have been both extremely helpful and paramount in making online learning effective. 

One of the most helpful professors was Professor Hugo Ceron-Anaya, my SOC 001 professor.  He has made the transition easier by lessening the workload for students, as it is difficult for us to focus on classwork when we are dealing with such a large global issue that is impacting us and our families.  He has even gone so far as to cancel the final exam we previously had scheduled, relieving the stress of it for students.

Academic advisor and Taryn Gall

Dr Bilder and Eric Markovcy and Alex Stadler are the only ones. 

Emily Freney

My advisor Lisa and all my professors in this semester

Nick Christy and Aarsenio Perry have been super helpful at this time. They have always looked to address any concerns I have had with all their energy and motivation. 

Professor Barkey! He has been incredibly helpful and very understanding and it has been a pleasure to be in his class.

Professor Nandu Nayar and Professor Robert Kuchta have been very helpful and available to their students during this transition period. It has helped make classes more manageable and has made me feel a little more comfortable in this environment. Also Andrew Dorriere from OFSA has been extremely kind and accommodating as the advisor to the Executive Panhellenic Council. 

Shelby Carr

The international office is always helpful.

Ken Peifer, an Assisstant Director in the Office of Residence Life. He has been my boss for the past two years (I am a gryphon) and he has been so amazing to us throughout the two years and especially now. He deserves so much. 

Professor Angela Brown has been doing an excellent job as well as Breena Holland on being receptive to the issues of online learning and made themselves extremely open for feedback and help.

Micha Fell - Student Affairs Office

The whole CSO office

My rowing coach Coach Conley 

Robin Lee

Professor Margaret Kenna

LUSSI leaders

My professors have been helpful. 

Dr. Marangos (from the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department) has been SOOOOOO helpful and understanding. He is going out of his way to be accommodating to students, offering one-on-one office hours whenever students are available, responding quickly to emails, and adjusting assignments to be more accessible for students. With my laptop broken, Dr. Marangos gave me a super generous extension on my assignment, and has done a great job of helping those of us struggling with access to CAD, and the VPN by recording lectures. He is so kind, and Lehigh is lucky to have him!

Two of my professors have been particularly accommodating for our needs. I would like to thank Prof Ochs and Prof Matthews. 

Amanda Brandone has helped me a TON with my class scheduling for next semester because I am working on switching colleges. 

Nick Rousinello (my math 081 professor) and Seth Richard-Shubik (my ECO 045 professor) have been extremely helpful with office hours. 

I am a tour guide, and I would like to thank Danielle Schlough in the office of admissions because she has reached out to the tour guides several times during this transition to check in on us, and I want her to know her efforts have not gone unnoticed.

My professors, for doing the best that they can.

Prof. Jodi Eichler-Levine

Lehigh After Dark and Student Engagement (Jenna Papaz, Jenna Rose, and Nick Christy)

Professor Jedlicka of the Mat Sci department. She's been handling ALL of the students in Mat Sci's worries and complaints since we got off campus

Don Davis and the math department for making services and help very accessible. The fitness center and gym team who are remotely offering at-home workout plans. Mary Allen Raposa for aiding me in the guidance of my future as a prehealth student.  

Professor Don Davis and Professor Rob McCloskey have been very helpful in explaining and teaching Math 52 despite the difficulties that come with teaching online. Rob's email explanations of how the class is running are very much appreciated and Davis' lectures and lecture notes explain the material well. Professor Lawrence Tartaglia of BIOS 41 has been working very hard to give all his students the same quality lectures he provided while on campus and I know that he has put many extra hours of his own time into setting up the class and helping students out, for which I am very grateful. I am also very grateful that Eugene Albulescu set up a Zoom meeting so that everyone in the Lehigh Philharmonic could meet together and say goodbye to the seniors. 

Emily Ford was very helpful in planning my classes to take next semester and provided me with a plan that is easy to follow. She also offered her additional academic help and guidance until we return to campus. She has been a fantastic resource and I feel less stressed knowing she is there to help.

Mythri Sekar, Emory Zimmers, Derya Perkucku, Bob Storer, Surresh Bolessani, Martin Takac

Michael Kashurba, Montell Allen

My anthropology professor Allison Mickel has truly gone above and beyond to try to connect students with resources and made it clear that she is willing to do what she can to help. I personally haven’t needed anything from her but it was reassuring and kind the see her offer. 

Don Davis in the math department and Lawrence Tartaglia have been very kind and understanding of the situation.

Cynthia Fianu-Velgus, a lab TA in the chemistry department, was very accommodative to my situation of being unable to go back to campus to get my things (in this case, my lab notebook). 

The police officers that helped students move (so helpful and sincere)

Professor Maderia

Edward Whitley - English Professor

Mary Ellen Kitchen

Aliana Lungue (CHEM 113 professor) She has been the most accommodating and uplifting professor

I really appreciated my Professor Jenna Lay for reaching it to me and my classmates from ECK 081 last semester.  Not only is she no longer our teacher, but she is also on sabbatical, and I found it very thoughtful for her to reach out and offer support.

I think that the most helpful was my Lussi mentor and Donnie Roberts. 

Nick Christy, my boss at lamberton hall. He has connected me and continued to help me find all the resources I need to make this transition as smooth as possible. He also checks up on my mental health and is an open ear to listen whenever I need to talk. 

Holly Zakos who happens to be my international family has been more than helpful to me and without her it would have not been the same.

The counseling center has been extremely helpful. I also want to thank my professors Amerdeep Singh and Hugo Ceron Anaya for being very helping in our transition to online learning.

Professor Ollena for Finance 125 she's been really accommodating and available to students for extra help via office hours, virtual communication, etc. 

Professor Manzo has been really helpful

Rabbi Steve Nathan 

Marija Baltruastiene, my economics professor.

Financial aid for continuing to offer pay for work study.

All my teachers have been great but these ones have been incredibly helpful and understanding: Dr. Mawritz, Dr. Pece, and Dr. Pope-Obeda.

Professors N. Nayar, J. Dearden

My professors 

Sabrina Jedlicka and Lesley Chow

Professor Reihman has been extremely helpful and understanding of how to transfer to an online class. He has really helped shaped the way I approach online learning, not just through course content but also sharing the numerous Lehigh sources available to me I would not have known of before. 

Dr. Brooke DeSipio

Carol Hill. Best boss I could ever ask for. 

Stravola Physics professor

Aarsenio Perry, Eric Kaiser

Katherine Lavinder

Joann Deppert from the Financial Aid Office has been one of the most helpful people during this transition. She offered me guidance and help when I had concerns about my finances. She also used our communication through emails as away to check on my well-being that did not center on my financial status.

Professor Karen Beck-Pooley has been incredibly understanding and accommodating for her students.

All of my Professors: Professor Zeitler, Professor Licini, Professor Morris, Professor Jellison, and Professor Brown. Also, my TAs Cat Tomkiel and Andrew Spatz.

The Jewish student center

My academic advisor Emily Ford who has not only been there to assist me in academically planning, but also in connecting me with people to talk about my first year experience and this transition as I have been struggling at Lehigh.

All of my professors have been extremely accommodating allowing me to do this on my own time which is very helpful because my sleep schedule is a bit off. 

Alison Valish, Beth Pelton, Melissa Phelps, Nik Nikolov, William Best, Kate Arrington 

My professors have been helpful through this change, adjusting workload and timelines to help ease the transition/new normal. In particular, Spencer Quiel, Timothy Lomauro, and Mesut Pervizpour have done their best to make the transition smooth. 

oiss,inhouse office

Mr. Marco Barbesta, who connected with me through the International Friends & Family at Lehigh since my first year here. He's been providing me with tremendous mental support and offered to assist me with getting food and any necessities I need. 

My math teacher Rob McCloskey. He has been very patient and responsive when I need help. My Chemistry reacher, Nathan Wittenburg has responded very quickly and has helped me when needed. 

Jack Lule

My family

Alishya Almeida, my english teacher, has been lenient and supportive during this time, which has been helpful.

Professor Aliana Lungu (CHM 113) has been incredibly helpful. She is realistic about her expectations, is always in touch with her students, and placed a meaningful significance on learning and comprehension over worrying over grades during this transition. Her course is an organic chemistry lab. When I first heard about the transition to remote learning, this class and how it could possibly be conducted remotely was my first concern. Professor Lungu rose to the occasion and I feel like I am getting as much out of this class as I potentially can considering I am taking it from my dining room rather than in a laboratory. Her positivity, adaptability, and compassion for educating the next generation of scientists deserves recognition.

Professor teboh-Ewungkem and 

Chris bilder (sports psychology in health and wellness) 

Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem - math professor 

Brian Conley - rowing coach 

I am a Gryphon, so I have had communication with the office of Residence Life through all of this. I really appreciate their willingness to reach out to us Gryphons to make sure we are okay and transitioning well. Through the entire remote learning process I have felt that if I needed anything I could talk to Keith Blankenship or Monica Carson, or anyone else in the Office of Res life should I need anything. 

Also, all of my Professors have been making sure that their students are okay, but specifically Holona Ochs has consistently provided resources and has reached out to make sure her class is doing okay through all of this. 

Sabrina Jedlicka

Everyone who worked for Sodexo deserves the freaking world.

Professor Sarah Monohan has been my best professor during this transition. She’s super accommodating and easy to get in touch with. 

All my professors have been very helpful and understanding throughout this whole process. My advisor Monica Najar has been very supportive in making sure I'm, okay and providing me with resources I may need 

Carol Hernandez, Sarah Gelfand and Amy Miler in the CSO. Even though I'm abroad they've all checked on me multiple times to see how my courses are going and offering to help in any way possible. 

My new academic advisor: Lisa Keller. She has given me some good idea about my courses and future plans.

The CSO has been checking in regularly with the student service coordinators. All of my professors have been very helpful and have made things as seamless as possible.

Nick Christy, Aarsenio Perry & Alfredo Ramirez have always told us that they are available to talk, and have helped us with the transition. 

Professor Arielle Carr in the CSE department!

Professor Lule did a very good job of transitioning our course to online. 

Jeremy Littau

Professor Brennan has been very flexible and understanding during remote learning. 

Professor Manzo has done a good job at attempting to smooth the transition.

All of my professors at Lehigh this semester have been extremely understanding and compassionate with regard to coursework expectations and support. These include: 

Dr. Hussain (Religion Department) 

Dr. Eichler-Levine (Religion Department) 

Dr. Pooley (Political Science Department) 

Dr. Heintzelman (TLT Department) 

Dr. Hyland (Psychology Department) 

Thanks to everyone who have been cleaning the residence halls and staff working in Housing service!

The Pride Center

Prof. Robert Duquette has made the transition to online learning seamless while still being accommodating.  

Kate Arrington

Professors: Kayla Landers, Erica Hoelscher, Bruce Whitehouse, Karen Rodriguez, Ahmed Rahman, Xiaofeng Sun

Professor Haden did an amazing job on panopto.

Professor Carr (CSE) has been really helpful with transitioning to online class.  You can tell she really cares for her students, and goes out of her way to ensure everyone is learning to the best of their ability given the circumstances, much the same way that she ensures this during a normal semester.

Professors Nied and Ozturk adapted their exam to be more suitable for the online learning style. They and Professor Dailey were understanding of technical difficulties that happened on my end. Professor Shan has always been a wonderful woman, but she's been keeping in touch and making sure we're all okay during this. Brian Slocum and his team are helping the community, and it is great to know that they are using the maker space for something good during this

Professor Carr and Erle have been handling this very well.

Professor Yuval has been incredibly understanding of the current situation and flexible on deadlines.

Professor Greg Reihman is my philosophy professor (Phil 145, Philosophy of Technology; how apt) and he has not only kept his class exemplary, but also given us insight into his role as CITL director and how that plays into the discussions we have in class, as well as personal insight into how our other professors interpreted those guides.

Tess Pyne, Rita Jones, Leslie Pearson, and Angel Cheng (the CGE pro staff and graduate assistant) have also fostered as good of a community as they can for those of us who work and find community there.

Chelsea Gilbert has also been more than helpful in her support of Spectrum, offering to be a resource even with her coming departure. Even when we don't need anything specific, she offers her assistance and thoughts.

The Lehigh Rowing coaches have been helping the rowing team's transition immensely and are going above and beyond to make sure we are all okay both mental and physical health wise, as well as academically.

Professors Jedlicka, Cheng, and Perry

Professor Strandwitz, very clear expectations, manageable lectures, managed to salvage recitation.  Professor Jedlicka, I don't have her for class directly, but I've seen all she's doing for TE 212 and think she deserves some thanks.  

Katy Rene in the study abroad office has been very helpful in facilitating my return to the states from my study abroad experience

Leslie Chow, she has been very understanding in the transition of class.

Katy Kresge, even though I couldn't get the answer I wanted to my question she was very polite and helpful.

My professors have been a big help, as well as my mentor Madi through the mentor collective and my advisor Susan Perry 

My advisor, Susan Perry, has been very helpful to me with helping me plan my schedule and having multiple online meetings with me. Also, my physics professor Dr. Michael Stavola has been responding to my emails very quickly and has been handling online class very well.

Scott and Chelsea in the Pride Center have been extremely active on social media and offering any resources they can to students, including food, counseling support, and so on. They haven’t done anything for me personally, but honestly seeing that they care so much gives me back hope in humanity.

The registrars office has been patient and kind as well as Associate Dean Tonkay.

My advisor, Christina Jordan

Carol Hill, Abby Voelkner

I would like to thank my professors for being very understanding during this transition.

Dr. Jessecae Marsh, Henri Barkey, Laurie Gray Evans

Shannon Taylor is a head TA for engineering 10 and she gets a surplus of emails everyday but she will always take the time to set up a meeting with me if I don’t understand something 

Diane Hyland is doing a great job and being very accommodating. So is Timothy Lomauro

Professor Angela Brown of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has done an exemplary job of adapting CHE 211 to the remote learning model. This is the only course in which I believe my experience as a student has not been compromised.

My academic advisor Prof Napier. 

Mikki Maderas

Chris Ottey has been extremely helpful with our housing issues, I am house manager of my sorority and he has been great at adjusting house manager duties.

Cadre for ROTC, which I am a part of

Professor Korth has been great, as well as my AD Nick Manento for keeping calm

Skipper Erickson is a great Engineering 10 TA and has eased my time greatly. Also Lauren Dallachiesa for being a great Physics TA.

Housing services has been wonderful. My advisors, Professor Lule and Professor Best have been very helpful as well. 

Professers Martin Harmer and Joshua Agar who have made course work very approachable for the MAT 214 class. 

The CEE department has been very helpful and flexible with it's students during this time, specifically Prof. Jellison, Prof. Fox, Dr.Brown, Prof. Sengupta, and Beth Yen. In addition, I would like to thank Chayah Wilbers, Professor Vera Fennell, and Sherry Buss.

Professor Allison Mickel has been a great professor in class and out of- and is doing a good job at keeping morale up during online courses 

Everyone at the admissions office has reached out several times to make sure all of us tour guides and admissions fellows are stable and well. Cannot thank them enough for their generosity and genuine concern.

Professor Quiel has been responsive and adaptive

Professor Ahmed Elroukh for eco 119, Professor Charles Stevens for mgt 346, and Professor Muzhe Yang for eco 357 have all provided a great deal of support and effort on their side to help ease the transition and support us wherever possible. All have set up ample times to zoom with them individually, posted lecture videos, assisted class work and promoted discussion. The learning in these 3 classes has not been greatly degraded by the transition to online and all of these professors deserve recognition. 

Professor Monica Najar

Robert Storer, Arrsenio Perry, Counseling Center

Nicholas Sawicki! He is always available to talk about the class I’m taking with him or any classes I may have questions about and he’s not even my advisor! He responded immediately to emails and although our class is not a zoom class, (because is is a huge lecture) Professor Sawaicki finds a way to make his podcast for art history 2 still so engaging. I’m so thankful to have him this semester. Thank you, professor Sawaicki!! 

The pride center staff has been extremely caring and closely connected. love them

Academic advisors for CAS in general. I really needed direction. It's hard to find out who I want to be/ what I want to do alone at home. They helped tremendously.

Nick Christy is my boss at Lamberton and has been very helpful in making sure I still get paid, offering extra job assignments if we need more money. I'm also living close to campus and he has told me that if I ever need food or anything essential to let him know and he'll make sure I get it. He's been amazing!

My academic advisor, Emily Ford, has been extremely accessible and her responses are always very straightforward. I had a question and soon after I sent her an email she replied with the correct form I needed to fill out linked, as well as any other information I needed. She has made me feel so much less stressed regarding this whole situation.

I think most professors are doing their best in this situation. There is no one I can think of that stands out as going above and beyond; however, there is no professor that I feel is not trying his/her best.

Professor Lorenzo Servije has been really good at checking in on all of his students and adapting the course for each of us to fit our differing needs as we adjust to all the chaos.

All of the parents and family who’ve welcomed their children back into their homes in this crazy time deserve all of the appreciation. To unexpectedly need to house their children and begin feeding, etc. is a large responsibility and I’m grateful my parents have been so strong in doing so.


Aarsenio Perry 

Clara Buie 

Nick Christy 

Christa Neu 

Chris Bilder 

Renee Musser 

Beth Yen 

Joann Deppert 

Carrie Gerencher 

Ashley Lemmons 

Katie Guinn

Vicki Jagdeo has been very helpful.

Keith Blankenship from Res Life has been great at checking in on gryphons and keeping us in the loop.

Seth Richards-Shubik

Nik Nikolov

Housing services has been wonderful during this time

Teachers have been great. 

Professor Manzo has done an amazing job of adapting online lectures to be as similar as possible to lectures had we been operating as planned. In comparison to other courses I think he has done an exemplary job.

Professor Banarjee has been supportive about this transition by offering a lot of zoom office hours and live engaging lectures. 

Jennifer Helmuth has been helping advise me remotely about my plans for major and next steps in what classes to take and etc.

Physics professor Michael Stavola has handled this situation in a exceptional manner

Brian Slocum and Dr. Sabrina Jedlicka have been incredibly helpful and understanding as TE 211 moved online and much of our team's progress for the semester came to a halt.

I want to thank my ENGR010-011 TAs - Anders, Sarah, Conner, and Lindsay who have been extremely patient and helpful with my coursework and questions. 

Disability support services has been extremely helpful as usual as well as my professors both Professor Arrington and Professor Handler have been very flexible, adaptive, and supportive during this time reminding students that they are availible for help and to reach out to them if we have specific concerns. They are also reasonable about the amount of work assigned to us each week. 

I have two classes with professors Nobuko Yamasaki and Kiri Lee that are both extremely reliant on in-person interaction, and they have done an amazing job dealing with the transition in a professional way. With Professor Lee, the class is Advanced Japanese, and she has dealt with this so professionally that I feel like nothing is being lost in terms of the learning experience. Additionally, Professor Yamasaki has been gone above and beyond to ensure everyone is comfortable and able to do the best they can with this situation -- she even amended her syllabus to address the situation and assure everyone that they don't have to worry.

Professor Nayar has taken this transition in great stride. He has been super understanding and has adjusted his course so that it does not overwhelm his students, but we are still able to learn what we intended to. He really lessened my anxiety about how everything was going to work and cares a lot about his student's well-being.

I really think that my professors for WGSS 001, Scott Burden and Suzanne Edwards have been great during this whole process. With adjusting the syllabus, and being understanding to everyone’s personal issues going on I have felt comfortable talking to them about how I feel. They have truly been great. 

Professor Emily Pope-Obieda did an exceptional job communicating with us and making sure we knew how the class was going to continue going forward. 

Professor Susan Perry has been a huge help to me in planning my schedule even with all the changes to the course schedules. 

Katharine Marianacci 

The business department has been particularly helpful during the transition.

Professor Joseph Manzo is going above and beyond to help his students. From offering office hours almost all day long, to purchasing infrared smart boards to make online class as seamless as possible, he has really made this remote learning experience as close to the one I would get on Lehigh's campus.

Katie Guynn, Erin Matyus, Professor Madiera

Professor Richards-Shubik has been extremely encouraging as well as understanding of the difficulties many of us may be facing.

Professor John Fox has gone above and beyond to make his students feel heard and respected! He has done everything and more to make sure we are prepared for exams etc. and his friendly demeanor goes a long way! Many thanks and much love! 

Dr. Holona Ochs in the Political Science Department has been amazing. She consistently checks in with her class, she repeatedly sends resources to us whether it be how to cope with mental health challenges or food insecurity, and she has restructured the class to ensure that all learning is asynchronous. She has been so helpful, kind, and understanding during this crisis and she deserves so much praise for her dedication to student wellbeing. 

Professor Nandkumar Nayar, Professor Matthew Melone, Professor Chitra Nayar

Chelsea Gilbert, Scott Burden, Mel Kitchen and the whole Pride Center team!

Kathy olson, Matt Veto, Jack Lule

Professor Susan Perry. Zoomed together and talked about things academic related and what's going on

Beth Pelton has been very helpful with my dual degree and pointing me in the right directions. Dr. Marsh was extremely helpful in approving my HMS major and meeting with me to discuss my academic track. Professor Lungu has been so helpful in responding quickly to emails and always sending uplifting quotes/images to lift our spirits and check in with us. 

Dean McClaind for handling my concussion related accommodations very quickly 

Dr. Angela Brown, teaching ChE211 Reactor Design, has been an incredible professor through this transition.

My professors in general have all put in great efforts in the switch to online learning.

OFYE has done a great job completing trainings still.

Professor Susan Kart

Professor Banerjee has been very helpful during this transition. He has done an exceptional job of transitioning his course from in-class to online and he always is sure to ask how everyone is doing and make sure that we are looking out for each-other, family, and friends. 

Dr. Cate Arrington has been extremely supportive and understanding of our unique home situations

Sara Heintzelman has done a great job keeping instruction as similar as possible to instruction prior to the move to online learning. 

Professors Michael Stavola, Charles French, and Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem (along with their TAs) have been extremely fair and understanding with our coursework. Also, Jenna Papaz has been awesome and super lenient with the peer health advisor class! 

Chris Ossont, Professors Dearden, (Chitra) Nayar, Costa

Jeanne Monnot for her long distance care towards her work study students

Professor Watkins has been very supportive during this time.

Larry Tartaglia- for his first year as a bio professor, he GETS what it's like to be in our shoes and he truly cares about us. He always checks in to make sure we're okay with the coursework AND that we're okay with life in general. I hope that he is considered for re-hire next year/following years. He is GENUINE!!

My advisor, Professor Littau: he sends emails with very helpful information and records fireside chats to help us.

The TRAC Program. As a trac fellow, Dr. Greg Skutches has offered a lot of positivity to us, which made this situation a lot better. Also, Ms. Mary Ellen Raposa has kept the pre-med community at Lehigh up to date with pivotal changes which is more than appreciated. Dr. Sara Reuben has been such a flexible and understanding Spanish Professor.


Katy Rene, Dr.Henry Odi, and the Registrar's office. All have been helping me tremendously concerning my credits that are lost. Additionally, Andrea Goff is helping me navigate approval for new courses from the EES department. I don't know what I would do without all of these people. 

Diana Hyland

Professor Olena in the Finance Department has been particularly helpful and accommodating. 

Faculty in general

Michelle Conrad 

Bill Best is a wonderful advisor and has supported all of us through this awful time.

Karen Salvemini has been so helpful for me to get my feelings about sexism out.

The Lehigh theater department!! Very accommodating and always make a point of treating their students like people first and foremost. Also Christopher Burke, from the Psychology department, has shown tremendous effort in making sure his coursework is reasonable and accessible to those in varying circumstances. 

Terry Muniz Accounting Department

The professors in accommodating the transition 

Dean Perry

Diane Hyland and Michael Gill have done a good job of keeping us in the loop and offering us any help if needed.

David Anastasio (EES Professor) - Professor Anastasio has made the transition to online classes seamless. He has accommodated students by keeping flexible deadlines and being available for zoom office hours, which has taken a lot of weight off of my shoulders during a very stressful time. My research studies with him are also seemingly impossible because we cannot access our lab. However, his encouragement has helped me to see how the work I have completed up to this point is still worthy of presentation. 

Douglas Mahony is my MGT143 professor and he continually provides clarity of the situation to our class. He helps solidify the difference between the truth and rumors during this time where rumors seem to be overtaking our campus. 

All the women in the Center for Career and Professional development!

Barry Kroll

Jenna Papaz- only teacher that has been realistic and understanding of circumstances 

My very accommodating and understanding professors

Coach Conley has been really helpful during this time. He has been scheduling meetings with all classes on the rowing team and with the other coaches. What we all miss the most is seeing everyone at practice everyday and Coach Conley has helped make this transition easier from being in person to being on zoom.

Barbara McGuire

Micha Fell

Hannah Dailey 

Edmund Webb

Arindam Banerjee

Everyone at the mail center 

Cleaning staff lady for farrington A

Carol Strange and Alfredo Ramirez have been very helpful in many different ways. Even though my Iacocca Internship got canceled, Carol Strange stayed in touch, and within the span of a week she provided us with different options and was there for us if we needed assistance in anything this semester. Alfredo is always checking up on the SOURCE employees by holding weekly meetings where we talk about how we are feeling, and it’s those little questions that matter.

My professors have been really helpful at helping with extensions and understanding that I am struggling to do my work right now.

Eric Markovsky, Bernadette Devaney,  

Professor Josh Ehrig really understood how much of a change this shift to work from home was going to be and helped to make sure that no student was left behind in the transition to online learning. 

All of the staff at the College of Business have been very helpful with the transition and have been sending weekly emails and reminders about assignments. My Anthropology professor, Dr. Mickel, has been sending weekly emails telling us what we have to be doing now and what the next steps are.

Michelle Conrad

Doctor Siddha Pimputkar gave us a lot of leeway during this transition.

Stephanie at the Counseling Center (and the Counseling Center in general)

Office of General Counsel (Karen and Brooke)

My golf coach and team.

Professor Littau

Tong Soon Lee has been very helpful with coursework

Micha Fell was very helpful in helping me book my ticket and get back home. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Professor Dailey has been fantastic at continuing to check in on her capstone group as a sponsor and being a helpful academic adviser.  

Professor Angstadt has done a great job of moving ME121 to online even though there are no fun labs.  Also he moved ME240 with flexibility as was open to all feedback.  

Professor Ozturk has been successful moving to online using Panopt lectures and Connect homework. 

Heather Johnson has done a tremendous job of reaching out to her undergrad students and expressing her concern for us as human beings. She has very clearly prioritized our health during this pandemic and taken great care to make sure her learning environment is asynchronous in consideration of those who may not have proper access to technology.

Professor Aliana Lungu, Professor Michael Layden, Professor Kenneth Kodama

The teachers that have been lessening their work load or making it more accessible at our own time constraints due to this difficult transition.

Professor Strandwitz and Professor Stavola have both done a great job transitioning their classes.

Professor Olson, Dr. Birky

Todd George has been a tremendous help throughout this transition from helping me with computer-related issues to continuing to supply us with a job.

Jack Lule!!

My philosophy professor, Greg Reihman, has been doing a lot for his students and the community.

Professor William Best is a fantastic adviser!

All the professors have done a really good and quick job at transitioning to remote learning. 

Professors S. Perry, Y. Liu, and X. Cheng

Coach Brian Conley 

Sabrina Jedlicka

Professor Troy Adair has been the most accommodating in his course work. I feel that my other professors are still doing too much.

Kyle Brett

Allison Mickel in the anthropology department has done everything from adjusting her class and constantly offering assistance of any type, regarding any life circumstance, to the best of her ability. 

Heather Johnson and Allison Mickel have been amazing. 

Professor: Arielle Carr has been very good to continually adjust the course based on feedback from students and how she perceives everything to be going 

Victoria Collum. She's a student who isnt an official tutor but she has been tutoring me and several others in Math 205 since it has been a difficult class for many.

Professor Fox

Joseph Manzo has been really great about doing online live classes four times a day AND providing a recording of one of the live lectures just in case his students can't come to any of the live lectures because of time zones.

Steve Wilson: he took the time to personally reach out to me and see how I was doing during the initial period of transitioning to remote instruction. I appreciate him taking the time to simply wish me safety and check in on me.

The Lehigh Ultimate Frisbee club has been very good at staying engaged and in touch! It is making me feel less alone.

Matt Veto

Professor Watanabe has kept an upbeat perspective in my MAT 203 class and has helped me and my classmates stay more connected

Dr. Monahan for being understanding during this unprecedented time. 

Professor Jellison 

Diane Hyland and Khurram Hussain are great professors and very understanding of the difficulties imposed on us students.

OFSA has been extremely helpful during this time to the greek community. Due to the pause there has been a lot of uncertainty and change, OFSA and our council leaders have done an excellent job of guiding us through step by step. They send frequent updates and are always available for a Zoom meeting even just to chat. They have been very supportive of us and they deserve to be recognized.

My achademic advisor has been helpful, my coach Khayla Atte, my Professors Chitra and Nandu Nayar

Some of my professors have been so understanding and kind in this uncertain time

Emily Rupp, my english 002 professor, has been very accommodating, understanding, and friendly during these difficult times. She has been my most supportive professor by a landslide.

My thermo professor, Jeetain Mittal (CHE 210). He's emphasizing learning the material rather than learning for the sake of being tested. He understands that thermodynamics is a difficult topic, and works hard to ensure that we understand it/have resources to better understand it. Also, Dominic Carlineo and the rest of the Lehigh Strength and Conditioning coaches have been working hard to make at home workout plans for athletes.

Dr. John Vilanova has been so accommodating for all of us. I wish my other professors took to his example. He has been wonderful. 

Patrick Connolly

Amanda Brandone

Michael Gill 

Nicki Johnson 

James Flood (intervarsity leader) 

Dominic Packer 

Professor Douglas Mahony has been especially helpful keeping us in the loop of what’s going on and even taking measures to ensure that our other professors are being more accommodating.

Professor Olena in Finance department. Super understanding of the situation for all her students

My academic advisor Lisa Keller and the Lehigh Housing Services.

Mr. Bell in the registrars office for responding to my registration concerns promptly over live chat 

Barbara Malt for being super helpful as my advisor and making time through vid conferences to meet with all COGS majors 

Many of my professors (Prof Jellison, Brown, Licini) have been very helpful in this transition.

The study abroad advisors made sure we got home safely which is great and helpful when everyone was panicking.

Katy Rene.  I am a study abroad student who had to return to the US.  She has been very helpful and supportive.

Professor Tuzla has been very open to questions and helping students 

Yoonju Han (MKT111) and Kathy Olson (J23) have both been very understanding! Dylan Hafner (MATH12) is a great TA and holds extra review because he knows it’s been hard to take in the online lectures. I’m not his student but he always helps me anyway along with other students in my section when we attend his review sessions!

Professor Kyle Brett

Michelle Conrad

Professor George Melone.

Dr. T-E, Dr. Tartaglia, Dr. Gunter, and TA Blake Bortnick have all been helpful and done will with the transition

Professor Gregory Reihman has done an amazing job looking out for us students and making sure it is was a smooth transition to online coursework. 

AUGUSTINE RIPA has been an unbelievable help. 

Additionally, Jenna Lay, a professor from last semester even reached out for help which in my opinion was incredibly kind and unnecessary yet so appreciated. 

Nicholas Sawicki has also been very very helpful. 

Nick Christy

Professor Haden did a wonderful job communicating with her Mech 003 class making sure we all knew we weren't alone and that this is a crazy time for everyone. She did her best to not only continue offering a great education but also building a community

my professors 

Greg Skutches and Jason from the CITL. 

Professor Alexandra Smidt-Ulrich and Professor Timmerman 

Professor Pooley and Professor Linda Ganus

Jennie Cawley

My TA, Joseph Jiang, has been very helpful and understanding of the circumstances at hand and has become very lenient on due dates in order to become accommodating to each student.

Morgan Benner from the Center for Academic Success. She was very willing to meet with me and really helped me a lot during this transition. I really don't think I would have performed the way I have been so far at Lehigh without her. 

Professor Jessica Brandt, Jenna Papaz and the other Peer Healrh Advisor trainers, and Professor Amanda Brandone.

Alfredo Ramirez

Nicole Burke 

Stefanie Burke 

Jack Lule 

My advisor Emily Ford has been extremely helpful to me during this time.  

Professors have been really understanding of how hard it is to do remote learning  

Everyone has been equally helpful

Heather Johnson (Professor) 

Sue Troyan (Coach)

Megan Cream is an amazing professor and is really looking out for the health and safety of her students as well as their academic achievements. She is understanding of everyone’s circumstances and is eager to make the remainder of the semester as helpful as it can be for everyone.

Professor Karen Pooley has been incredibly helpful as she guides my group project in Engineers Without Borders even while we have gone remote. Also, my fellow ENGR 010 TAs, particularly Peter Nguyen, have been very helpful in figuring out how to stay organized and handle TAing virtually. 

Professor James Brennan

My advisor Bruce Whitehouse has been very helpful!

Professor Aliana Lungu - her emails are very encouraging and she has been offering surveys to collect feedback from all the students

My advisor and professor Bill Best, my professor Lucy Gans, and my professor Christina Haden, all of which have been extremely accommodating, realistic of expectations, and hard working.

Beth Yen! I have been able to communicate with her so easily on the phone and she has been equally engaged, if not more engaged, with students since this remote change.

Professor John Vilanova. He treats his students like humans and adults who may have other things going on and prioritizes mental health like no other teacher I've had before.

Professor Webb has been absolutely amazing in being available to his students. He transitioned to online learning extremly well and has been extremely helpful.

Prof. Richards Shubik has been very understanding and he has relieved stress. 

Mythri Sekar has been checking in to see how I’m doing and still helping me try to find work for the summer as of now

Rabbi Steve from hillel 

Everyone at the Career Center has been working above and beyond to serve as a resource for students during this difficult time in their professional development journey

Professor chitra nayar.

Dr. Lesley Chow has been incredibly understanding and available

My product design teacher. Prof. Alexandra ullritch 

The folks at Lower court helping us every day while putting risk on their lives!

Hank Korth has been by far the best professor. Not only was he able to transition the class to an online format without a problem, he was prepared for the situation before spring break. I feel like his class is the only one I truly am truly learning anything in. He has been super accommodating with assignments and grades within reason.

Breena Holland for checking in with her students every class. Ed Evenson for being understanding and considerate of everyone's adverse situations. 

Professor Stavola has been really considerate and positive about the situation in its entirety. Jing Su has also been very flexible and kind during this time.

Professor Arielle Carr has made an extremely fluid transition to online learning (at least in her CSE 140 course) and Professor Leo Tang set up an altered class structure that allows me to be genuinely engaged in his ACCT 151 class. These two professors have made online learning extremely convenient and engaging.

Monica Najar has been a source of comfort and help in finding alternate plans for my summer due to cancelled internship programs. 

Katie Robinson & Emily Ford. 

2 of my professors were also very supportive of being flexible with all students. 

Professor Carr and Professor Montella. 

I'm also thankful for Matt Dolce who leads a group study for cse109. He's the only "office/study" hour I go to remotely. On campus I would attend at least 5/week so for it to drop to 1 that was pretty sad. 

Professor Nardone 

Prof Andy Ho, Prof. Xiofeng Sun, Prof Vincent Coll, Prof. Christine Ussler, and  Mary Jo Brown

My English professor, Dr. Monahan, has adjusted her curriculum to put lower strain on the students in this difficult time while still teaching us the coursework and holding us to a standard of submitted work. She has helped me to not feel more stressed about the situation than I already am.

My head coach Pat Santoro has helped me a lot with staying positive and focused.

Dr. Lawrence Tartaglia has been extremely understanding and accommodating of the situation. Every online lecture he always starts off with a short message about how he misses us and how he hopes that we are all safe and healthy. He truly cares about his students and it's the best. I really hope he gets to see this message and see how helpful he's been during these times.

Office of Student Engagement

Career Center

Financial Aid Office

Dr. Vassie Ware, and Dr. Michael Layden have been especially kind to me in this time. 

I would like to thank the majority of my professors. Most of them have been quite accommodating and have elected to post pre-recorded lectures which are tremendously helpful. 

The TRAC Program

I'd also like to thank Professor Gillian Andrews (I have her for English) and she has been really understanding of this situation with everything that is going on. I also think she did a really good job in restructuring a lecture-based course and I have still been able to engage with the material. 

OISS and LTS. Without their help I would not be able to access online course materials.

My best friends have helped me the most throughout this transition, as well as Professor Don Davis who continues to help students learn calculus just like he would if we were still on campus.

Andrea at the career center for helping with my resume/ cover letter through Zoom. And Dr. Fink for making Bios 277 very manageable with minimal stress on the students. They were both excellent in this transition. 

Christina Jordan

Despite some confusing decisions regarding how we submit the assignments, the professors are generally generous regarding the due dates and assignment flexibility.

My philosophy professor Greg Reihman. I feel he has been the most receptive and understanding of the changes remote learning has caused in the lives of his students.

Katie Guynn, Maria Zullo, Katie Robinson 

All of my teachers have been very helpful in the transition.

Professor Barbara Malt has been pretty understanding through the chaos.

The advisors held a meeting a couple weeks ago about course registration

Professor Holona Ochs has been extremely accommodating and genuinely concerned with our wellbeing and success as students.  She's the best!!

my advisor Prof.Huang Wei-min, he responds really fast. and Prof, Brunstein, who teaches econ146, he really cares about our study and he explain the content really clear, and let us discuss by coursesite.

Professor Papaz, Dr. Burger, and Professor Simon have all been very understanding of my situation and have offered help on multiple occasions. 

Dr. Gerard Lennon, Nick Christy

The Lower Cort dining hall staff. I am so thankful they have remained open, even if it's only to give out bagged meals. I was very worried about being able to have food access with the campus shutting down. They have been very nice and courteous and I have such an increased appreciation for them.

My TAs have been helpful at times.

Passport to Success program leaders and guides

Prof. Allison Mickel (ANTH dept.), Prof. Xuanhong Cheng (BIOE dept.), and Prof. Houria Oudghiri (CSE dept.) have been exceptional with the transition to online learning.  They are all continuing their thorough analysis of the topics in the class while maintaining (if not increasing) their availability outside of class work.  Each of them is also very invested and accommodating of all situations at home.

The Pride Center; they have been the most responsive and supportive people/office.

My tutors have been a great keeping their time on schedule and helping me through classes. Grace something is one and Derrik Bell is another. Professor Tuzla also has been great in trying to manage this situation and not overload his students. 

all of my professors, especially  Prof. Madeira, Prof Molinari, Jason Travers

Professor Kathy Olson has been extremely accommodating, organized and continued to teach effectively at a pace that is not overwhelming to her students. She has gone above and beyond to make sure that every student feels comfortable and still receives the best education possible. 

Alishya Almeida

Dr. Vassie Ware and Dr. Neal Simon have been helpful in checking in on RARE students and making sure they’re doing okay. They have also been helpful in keeping me updated and informed on the situation.

Professor Lindsey Reuben

Professor Lisa Farnin

David Johnson

Christina Haden

David Angstadt

Professor Costa


I think all of my professors have been trying really hard to adjust and do the best they can for their students.  I really appreciate the effort the faculty and staff at Lehigh have been putting in during this sub optimal situation. 

Michelle Conrad, disability support services.

Professor Wright has done an outstanding job working with me and ensuring that the course-load was nothing that I could not handle between the continuing demand of my job as well as other courses. He was always cognizant of my schedule in addition to work he was assigning and he made a huge impact on my capability of working on his course as well as my others. He certainly deserves recognition where fit.

Professors and the people at the Career Center

The faculty members in Registration office help me lots. Especially as a transfer student, they do a lot to ensure my schedule would not be impacted too much because of transferring.

I was studying abroad this semester. Karen Rodriguez from GCP and Katie Randale from SA have been very helpful during this transition period.

My history professor, Emily Pope-Obeda has been the most flexible and understanding of my professors, she’s always checking in with her students, and has been willing to change a lot of her course to make it easier on us during remote learning - including changing a lot of the format of the class, pushing back some due dates for us, and generally being great and understanding.

Also, my advisor, Allison Mickel who reached out almost immediately when we went remote to see if I, or any of her other advisees needed anything. I’ve known throughout all of this that I could reach out to her with anything that I needed these last few weeks.

Professor Licini has been really good. He has gone above and beyond to provide useful content for his physics students. I also respect that he recently tried to make our midterm exam as fair as possible to prevent any cheating.

As a study abroad student who had to abruptly return home, the office of international affairs has been extremely helpful, specifically prof rodriquez who I am taking a GCP class with. It’s always a highlight of my week and has helped me cope and understand this whole situation. 

Dr. Donald Davis. His lectures have been excellent and consistent and our MATH 052 class can feel the support he provides us. You can see the effort he puts in towards teaching our class despite the circumstances 

Jenna Papaz & Hannah Bashian have been incredibly understanding during this time and are continuously acting as a great resource to their students.

Also Aliana Lungu, she has been the best at communicating during this time and really has valued students feedback and taken it into consideration. 

The Rowing Coaches. 

Professor Kirsten Jellison - my intro to environmental engineering professor who has made the transition to online classes so easy for us, has been SO understanding and concerned for our wellbeing, and has adjusted her expectations for the course in an appropriate way!

Professor Caitlyn Yantis. I love her dedication to class even through this remote learning. Her transition has helped me feel at ease for all other classes also. 

Prof. Amanda Brandone, Prof. Ageliki Nicolopoulou, Prof. Christopher Burke

The CSO has been reaching out. Checking in with students through zoom and Instagram. 

Professor Laura Marciano, Professor Timothy Lomauro

Professor Tartaglia in the biology department has been extremely helpful giving my advice for my future classes as well as took the time to reach out to other students in our classes now to help find more answers for my questions regarding minor selections. 

Dr. Lungu running the organic chemistry lab has been really helpful during this time. She’s made everything straightforward while not overloading is with coursework. 

Professor Matthew Moor (statistics), Professor Amanda Greene, Professor Jennifer Swan, Professor Michael Layden

My professors did a great job at accommodating for students during this time and understood that students have to readjust their lives to be comfortable with the new way of learning.

Sharon Friedman

Matt Veto

Stephanie Veto

Beth Pelton

Kara Uhrich

Terry Napier

Karen Pooley

Anthony DiMaggio

Chris Mulvihill

Laurie Gray Evans

Christina D'Aversa

Dean Zullo

Doug Snyder

Jessecae Marsh

Joan Brosious

Prof. Jedlicka

Christine Ussler- being incredibly flexible and making sure we have the tools we need to finish the course.

Jason Travers- Making sure we have all the tools we need to get (almost) the full experience of take ART 003. I was really disappointed that we wouldn't be able to learn certain programs after we got sent home and he made sure to work with Adobe to help us get those programs on our computers and provide us with the same experience as though we were there.

Ken Peifer!! He has been so amazing in answering questions. 

Daniel Conus. Helpful in academic advising.

golf coaches 

My coaching staff of Lehigh Women's Basketball has been fantastic. Most of my teachers are great as well.

My professor Chitra Nayar, she has helped me quite a bit through this and I cannot thank her enough. 

Professor Reihman has been helpful, he has explained the situation of switching to online classes to my class very well. Also, he has continued classes normally as if we were still taking classes in-person, which helped ease the transition.

Prof Webb - really understanding and works hard to make online instruction still useful and informative

One of my professors, Professor Lungu in the Chemistry department, has been so uplifting and engaging these past few weeks. She is extremely on top of the coursework and is always trying her best to recreate our lab experience. I feel engaged with her through her emails, which always make me smile during these tough times. She is definitely doing the most. 

Prof. Jedlicka has been so kind and helpful during this unexpected transition to remote learning. She runs my capstone senior design project and has not only helped our whole class still manage to execute difficult projects, but she checked in on our personal life and home situations as well. 

My Lehigh friends and family