Welcome to Student Affairs 2.0

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Welcome to Lehigh's Division of Student Affairs!  Our fundamental role is to support and enhance the University's educational mission, and each office within the division is committed to a comprehensive approach to supporting students' intellectual and personal development.  

Over the past several months, we’ve in many ways reevaluated and reimagined our services as we continue to adapt to an unprecedented set of circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  “Student Affairs 2.0” reflects our commitment to provide exceptional care, support, and guidance to our students, whose enrollment status in our new reality may range from residential to “fully remote”.

Access to Student Affairs offices and staff members has been enhanced.  While tradition modes of contact remain, our offices have also incorporated Zoom meetings, online/real-time chat, virtual office hours, and various other uses of social media and technology to remain in touch with students and student organizations.

Partnerships and collaborations with faculty are even more important.   From research projects, to student organization advising, Student Affairs has long enjoyed meaningful and positive ties with faculty.  With instruction moving to partially or fully remote, new and renewed relationships will be an important means to provide academic support, including to those students who may be struggling to adapt to different modes of classroom instruction. 

And Student Affairs’ unwavering commitment to diversity & inclusion will continue to be central to our efforts to foster community on campus.  Student Affairs is proud to work with students and student organizations as they envision and act on efforts in support of the university’s broader goal of becoming a truly anti-racist institution.  

These important components of “Student Affairs 2.0”, along with new avenues of programming, student organization involvement, community service opportunities, tutoring, and even peer advising only begin to scratch the surface of ways in which students become active and engaged members of the Lehigh community.  We are excited to help students create a memorable Lehigh experience and, ultimately, leave a positive and lasting legacy.

Visit our departments on this website for examples of how we are making “Student Affairs 2.0” come alive, or even follow us on social media to remain up to date with our most current offerings, events, and information.  We’re certain you’ll be glad you took the important first step to becoming involved.  Here’s to a great 2020-21 academic year.

Go Lehigh!

Ricardo Hall

Vice President for Student Affairs