Center for Academic Success

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The Center for Academic Success employs between 80-100 peer tutors. All new tutors are required to complete the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) training facilitated by our office. This is a ten-hour training completed over the course of two semesters. The content is created by our office based on CRLA’s outlined expectations and is reviewed and approved by the association.

During new tutor training, we discuss the need for tutors to meet tutees where they are with an awareness that students will come to Lehigh and to the tutor’s session with varied prior academic experiences that may differ from the tutor's own experience.  We also have two online modules with built-in quizzes that help our staff learn about (1) working with a variety of students such as dependent and independent learners, variables that can impact a student’s academic experience, and strategies for working with students with disabilities - this presentation was created in partnership with the Office of Disability Support Services and (2) intercultural awareness which contains information on Lehigh’s international population, insight of how an international student’s experience may be different than a domestic student’s experience, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment, and appropriately addressing hurtful behavior – this presentation was created in partnership with the Office of International Students and Scholars.