Health Advancement & Prevention Strategies (HAPS)

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Health Advancement and Prevention Strategies Involvement, Programs, Initiatives 

  • Biannual review and analysis of Alcohol Use and Social Option Survey to monitor the attendance and engagement of underrepresented students and their participation in Lehigh After Dark.

  • Lehigh After Dark has recently revised communications with sponsoring groups conducting virtual events, specifically LAD Summer Nights Trivia, to include a clause on community expectations, which explicated states discrimination of any kind, will not be tolerated.

  • Another data-specific effort includes a multidisciplinary annual review of National College Health Assessment (NCHA) including how LGBT+ students of color’s health behaviors are impacted.

  • Past facilitation in collaboration with UCPS and Taylor Gym for LUSSI students which explored easiest and hardest transitions to college and reflection exercises lead by the Counseling staff.

  • Participation in bystander intervention for Greek students, Intervene, which tackles issues related to bias based on race and gender.

  • Inquiring about Diversity and Inclusion online course, which addresses topics such as imposter syndrome, power and privilege, bias and unconscious bias among others as an add-on to AlcoholEdu for incoming students.

  • Deliberately write and design the Installment to portray inclusive language and imagery. Appropriate departments vet the Installment in an effort to create a respectful and welcoming environment for all. 

  • Members of GVES, Pride, College of Education, and the Title IX Coordinator among others train Peer Health Advisors annually about health-based disparities particularly about underserved and marginalized populations.

  • Peer Health Advisors are trained on using supportive language through staff/faculty presentations.

  • Peer Health Advisors executive board members worked with DEI and GVES offices last year to revise peer-led signature programming to include inclusive language.