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  • Guidelines for Effective Dialogue enlarged posters are displayed in UC Room 308. Posters displaying the Principles of Our Equitable Community are posted in various locations throughout the UC. This is something we can add to other spaces.

  • Guidelines for Effective Dialogue are posted in our student workspaces, GA, and staff offices.

Student Staff

  • Guidelines for Effective Dialogue are reviewed with our student staff at the start of the fall semester and the group decides if there are additional principles to be added for the group to adhere to as guiding principles for our weekly staff meetings.

  • During training all new staff members receive accessibility and accommodation awareness training, returning staff receive a review of procedures.

  • All staff members participate over the course of each semester a minimum of four interactive bLUeprint lesson plans specifically designed within the foundations of Identity Development, Inclusive Leadership, and Creative Curiosity activities, discussions, and reflections.  We developed a variety of activities for our, with many more completed during spring remote project work, SUPerb Toolbox to avoid repetition.  Below are just a few examples.

    • Inclusion - What Does it Mean?

    • Identity, Power, and Privilege

    • What is Social Justice? Setting a Stage for Discussion

    • Respect, Assumptions, and Socializations

    • Personal identity

    • Systems of Power and Privilege

    • Race and Ethnicity

    • Social Discipline Window

    • Class and Historical Disadvantage

    • Understanding Values and Beliefs

    • Exploring Our Differences

    • SUPS Fish Bowl

    • Dimensions of Diversity

    • Conflict Literacy

    • Personal Development through EI

    • Identity Development Engaging with Our Staff

    • Identity Map and Identity Formation

  • We have also worked directly with various offices, including the Pride Center, for topic-specific activities.

  • Moving forward we will be more intentional about developing a module for our SUPerb Journey with intended outcomes.

SCF Staff

  • Staff training and professional development are very important aspects to our own individual and collective growth, we are very intentional in providing opportunities for staff to participate.  For example, we have each participated in the Cornell Interactive Theater, Visions, and are in the process of completing Inclusion Insights training. 

  • Our professional staff attends and participates in sessions at both regional and annual conferences bringing back ideas to implement or program on our campus.