Study Group Program

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The Study Group program facilitates connections between students who are seeking to form a study group. There are two study group formats: Course Specific study groups for students who want to study for a particular class with students who are also taking the class and General study groups for students who want to work on independent assignments with students in the same space. 

The study group program offers study groups for ANTH 012, CHM 030, CHM 031, ECO 001, ECO 045, IR 010, MATH 012, MATH 021, MATH 022, MATH 051, MATH 081, MATH 205, ME 104, MECH 003, PHY 011, POLS 001, POLS 003, PSYC 001, PSYC 153, PSYC 176, and SOC 001. Students who are in courses where a study group is not offered may choose to find a study partner or group by selecting the “General Study Partner” option on the survey.

Sign Up Process   

Students may sign up for a study group using the link below. You will provide information about the type of study group you would like to join, how often you would like to meet, and your general availability. By filling out the form, you agree to have your information available to other Lehigh students who have completed the form. You may request for your information to be removed at any time. Lehigh students are expected to uphold the academic integrity expectations set forth by the university. 

Students are responsible for reaching out to their peers to request forming a study group. Students will determine dates, times, and frequency of group meetings.