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The Student Affairs Assessment Symposium serves an opportunity for the division to provide insight and knowledge to the University community regarding both national and Lehigh trends related to student engagement, co-curricular learning and college student development.  The symposium is also a platform where results and conclusions from divisional and departmental assessment efforts are highlighted and showcased for the community. 

The ultimate outcome for the symposium is for participants to leave with new, thought provoking, data-driven information about students and trends related to student culture that will ultimately enhance and inform the multifaceted interactions and relationships between faculty, staff and students. 


Lehigh University Student Affairs | 5th Annual Assessment Symposium

Thursday, January 24, 2019

8:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

University Center



8:00 a.m. - 8:15 a.m. Registration & Breakfast

Asa Packer Dining Room


8:15 a.m. - 8:25 a.m. Welcome & Introductions

Asa Packer Dining Room


8:25 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Keynote Address: From Engagement to Engaged Scholarship

Khanjan Mehta, Vice Provost for Creative Inquiry and Director of the Mountain Top Initiative

Asa Packer Dining Room


9:10 a.m. - 9:50 a.m. Colloquium Session #1


Room 308

Filling in the Gaps: Using a First-Year Survey to Learn about Factors that Affect Retention

Meg Munley Stone, Research Analyst, Office of Institutional Research & Strategic Analytics, Lehigh University

Many factors impact retention at Lehigh. This presentation will review what we already know about factors that affect retention and how we are using a first year student survey to fill in some gaps in our data.


Room 303CD

Lehigh Flu Immunization Campaign 2018

Kathleen Brehm, Director of Nursing, Lehigh University

We have had a 300% increase in student participation in campus flu immunization in 2018 from previous years.  This was a collaborative effort organized though the Health and Wellness Center along with Human Resources, Walgreens, Bethlehem Health Bureau, Student Government, Health Promotion and Prevention Strategies Office and supported by donations from a Lehigh benefactor and grant from PA Department of Health.  


Room 303AB

Redesigning Transfer Orientation Guided by Student Feedback

Jan Schumacher, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Director of Student Engagement, Muhlenberg College

Steve Dutton, Associate Director of Student Engagement for Clubs & Organizations and Fraternity & Sorority Life, Muhlenberg College


This session will look at the transformation of Muhlenberg College’s transfer student orientation program.  We will examine the process of collecting data from different sources and its impact on our decisions for enhancing future orientation programs.  We’ll discuss the benefits and barriers to using data in decision making.


10:00 a.m. - 10:40 a.m. Colloquium Session #2


Room 306

Academic Advising Experiences of Second Year Students at a Private Research University

Yenny Anderson, Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics, Lehigh University

The researcher will summarize the shared academic advising experiences of eight second-year students at a research university in Pennsylvania. The combined stories emphasized aspects of the advisor-advisee relationship that seem to feed into the participants’ overall levels of satisfaction with their advising experience.


Room 303AB

Evaluation as a Critical Element: Holistic Approach to Assessment

Carolina Hernandez, Assistant Dean & Director of Community Service Office, Lehigh University

Christina Jordan, Assistant Director of Community Service Office, Lehigh University

Sarah Gelfand, Assistant Director of Community Service Office, Lehigh University

Lehigh's Community Service Office will illustrate how we customize assessment for each program regardless of the composition, length, or intensity of the program.  As one of our critical elements, evaluation is an essential component to increasing our effectiveness as an office and is therefore individualized for each programmatic effort.


Room 303CD

Military Science and Leadership (Army ROTC)

John Abella, Professor of Military Science & Leadership, Lehigh University

This presentation will seek to provide symposium attendees with a better understanding of what ROTC entails, as well as quantify what types of students participate. It will also seek to educate attendees about the structure of our Nation's Army, the ROTC experience, recruiting efforts, and what our graduating students will experience as commissioned Officers.


Room 308

Student Engagement Opportunities: Finding, Connecting, Assessing

Bill Whitney, Administrative Director, Office of the Vice Provost for Creative Inquiry, Lehigh University

Khanjan Mehta, Vice Provost for Creative Inquiry and Director of the Mountaintop Initiative, Lehigh University

Lehigh 360 was launched with the goal of helping students explore, vet, and sign-up for engagement opportunities. In the conception and design of this initiative, key questions remain: How do we connect students with experiences that align with their passions? What is the blueprint for an integrated, coordinated, and student-centric approach so our students design and maximize their Lehigh careers?


10:50 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Colloquium Session #3


Room 306

Creating a First-Year Experience for a Changing Landscape

Nicole Burke, Assistant Director of First-Year Experience, Lehigh University

Stefanie Burke, Assistant Dean and Director of First-Year Experience, Lehigh University

In this session we'll share some of Dr. Twenge's research on the current iGen population, how it intersects with the data we have on Lehigh's first-year students, and how it will inform future programming and services related to the first-year experience in light of the Path to Prominence at Lehigh.


Room 308

CANCELLED  Experiential Learning and the Modern (Prominent) University  


ADDED  Assessment Round Tables

Aarsenio Perry, Asst. Dean and Director Student Engagement, Lehigh University

Nick Christy, Asst. Director Student Engagement and Student Center Facilities

In this session participants will have the opportunity to share and discuss how they utilize assessment and also discuss challenges faced in enhancing assessment opportunities within their areas or departments.


Room 408

Trajectories of Functioning of College Students with and without ADHD

George DuPaul, Professor, College of Education, Lehigh University

Findings from a recently completed multi-site longitudinal study of college students with and without ADHD will be presented. Specifically, the presentation will focus on academic and psychosocial outcomes across four years of college. Implications for identification and support of college students with ADHD will be discussed.


11:40am - 12:20pm Colloquium Session #4


Room 306

Brown Hall: A Space for All?

Courtney Stephens, Assistant Dean and Director of Housing and Residence Life, Muhlenberg College

Katie Shelley, Associate Director of Housing Operations, Muhlenberg College

Katy Mangold, Associate Director of Residential Education, Muhlenberg College

Brown Hall has historically been designated as a female residence hall. The Housing & Residence Life staff is currently assessing if this practice should continue. This presentation will discuss the partnership with Institutional Research in which the residential population was surveyed as a key element in the consideration of the direction for inclusive and growing trends within the halls.


Room 408

Dogs & Snakes & Llamas OH MY!

Barbara Ryan Hausman, M.S., Director of Academic & Accessibility Support

Kelly Waechter, M.A. Counselor, Moravian College Counseling Center

Tracy E. Hill, Ph.D., Associate Director, Moravian College Counseling Center

College campuses nationwide are seeing a rise in requests for Emotional Support Animals. Did you know that boa constrictors can help people with bipolar disorder, OCD and panic? We're going to discuss some statistics of ESA's on college campuses locally and nationally as well as some do's and don'ts, Fair Housing Act Laws and what every Student Affairs Professional needs to know about these beloved animals on your campus.


Room 308

NSSE: How Lehigh Compares to Peers in Student Engagement

Meg Munley Stone, Research Analyst, Office of Institutional Research & Strategic Analytics, Lehigh University

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is an annual survey that aims to measure the nature and quality of the undergraduate experience.  This presentation will focus how student engagement at Lehigh compares with peer institutions and also how our survey results have changed over the past decade.


Room 409

Scaling 2.0: The Future of Career Education

Andrea Skimbo, Career Education Team, The Center for Career and Professional Development, Lehigh University

Christine Russell, Career Education Team, The Center for Career and Professional Development, Lehigh University

Katharine Marianacci, Career Education Team, The Center for Career and Professional Development, Lehigh University

Technological advances, generational trends, and economic shifts are changing the way that students transition from college to career. Join the Center for Career & Professional Development to learn how we have transformed our services to position Lehigh students for success now and in the future.


12:30pm - 1:30pm Panel Discussion, Lunch & Adjournment


Room 303AB Buffet, Room 308 lunch seating and Panel Presentation

Panel Presentation: Under Resourced Students and Lunch

Dr. George White, Managing Director of Student Access and Success, Lehigh University

Mary-Alice Ozechoski, Vice President of Student Affairs and Traditional Enrollment, Cedar Crest College


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