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Assessment Symposium

The Student Affairs Assessment Symposium serves an opportunity for the division to provide insight and knowledge to the University community regarding both national and Lehigh trends related to student engagement, co-curricular learning and college student development.  The symposium is also a platform where results and conclusions from divisional and departmental assessment efforts are highlighted and showcased for the community. 

The ultimate outcome for the symposium is for participants to leave with new, thought provoking, data-driven information about students and trends related to student culture that will ultimately enhance and inform the multifaceted interactions and relationships between faculty, staff and students. 



2017 Assessment Symposium

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

8am-3pm, University Center 3rd and  4th Floor


8:00-8:20 am-Continental breakfast available for all presenters & attendees

Asa Packer Dining Room


8:20-8:35 am-Welcome by Vice Provost Ricardo Hall & Introduction by Jess Manno

Asa Packer Dining Room


8:45-9:25 am- 3 Pecha Kucha Presentations (6 minutes and 40 seconds each)

Asa Packer Dining Room


8:45-8:52 am

LeaderShape: Transforming Lehigh Since 2014


Christina Jordan, Assistant Director Community Service

LeaderShape, a six-day immersive experience, has proven to positively impact the identity development and leadership journey of students here at Lehigh.  Join us as we highlight students leading with integrity and explore all of the ripples of impact that this transformative program makes within our Lehigh community.


8:53-9:00 am

CAS peer mentoring: A Program on the Rise


Dr. Jennifer Swann, Director, Students Success and Beth Pelton Undergraduate Program Manager, College of Arts and Sciences  

The peer scholars in the College of Arts and Sciences provide valuable support for our students.  By sharing their experiences and achievements they have made valuable contributions in during orientation and in the 5x10s.  We are building out the program to expand their activities  to include more interactions with students and mentor advisors.


9:01-9:08 am

Navigating the Cultural Greek Council on an IFC/Panhellenic dominated campus


Malcolm McDaniel, Assistant Director, Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

Cultural Greek organizations have a unique history and practices that set them apart from their often more well known IFC and Panhellenic counterparts.  This Pecha Kucha will explore the origin of these organizations and talk about various strategies utilized to help the Cultural Greek Council identify its purpose, build its presence on campus, and help grow in size.


9:30-Noon-In Brief Colloquiums (40 minutes each)

Third Floor Rooms: UC 308, UC 306,UC Faculty Lounge East

Fourth Floor Rooms: UC 408, & UC 409


Colloquium Session #1 9:35-10:15 am


UC 306

Assessing Advising for Student Success


Dr. Katrina Zalatan Ph.D, Associate Dean and Director, Undergraduate Programs College of Business & Economics;

Twana Walker, M.S., Director of Advising, CBE Undergraduate Programs; Emily Ford, M.S.Ed Assistant Dean

Undergraduates in Lehigh’s College of Business and Economics have many options to personalize their academic experience.  Advising is a critical process to help students get the most from what Lehigh has to offer, transition from undergraduates to professionals, and graduate on time.  This presentation shares how assessment enables growth and continuous improvement for our students and our organization.


UC 308

Connected Campus - Developing Data Analytics Solutions to Promote Student Success


Dr. Henry Zheng, Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics; Yenny Anderson, Assistant Vice Provost, Institutional Research

With the omnipresence of digital devices, virtually every action we take generates useable data. Over time, these data add up to an invaluable trail of insight. This presentation updates the latest developments in "connected campus" and calls for collaborative efforts on Lehigh campus to leverage data to inform decision making.


UC Faculty Lounge East (3rd Floor)

Data Mismatch?


Brynn Dorsey, Executive Director, Health and Counseling Services, Muhlenberg College;

Jan Schumacher, Associate Dean of Students & Director, Student Engagement, Muhlenberg College

Each of us is faced with results from national surveys about the student experience for our departments. Learn how Muhlenberg College’s Health Services incorporated a national survey question into their self-designed assessment tool to better understand the experiences of students using health services on campus.


UC 408

Implementing Mobile Strategy to Gauge Out-of-Classroom Engagement


Lauren Condon, Director, Student Union and Engagement, Cedar Crest College;

Lisa Marie Turtle, Graduate Assistant, Cedar Crest College

The strategy we use to engage our students outside of the classroom is just as important as the method we use to retrieve the data that helps to tell our story. A new mobile strategy at Cedar Crest has redefined how the College engages students and has provided a platform for instant feedback and assessment.


UC 409

Learning Together: How bLUeprint + Assessment = Effective Tutoring in our Community Schools


Carolina Hernandez, Director, Community Service Office; Alicia Creazzo, Community School Coordinator, Broughal Middle School; Paige Warbrick, Community School Coordinator, Fountain Hill Elementary School

Did you know that over 160 Lehigh students tutor in South Bethlehem public schools? Learn how the Community Service Office has leveraged data annually and aligned bLUeprint with Bethlehem Area School District priorities in order to synergistically provide meaningful tutoring experiences.


Colloquium Session #2 10:25-11:05 am


UC 306

Counseling Center Outreach & Programming On a  Shoestring Budget


Tracy Hill, Associate Director, Counseling Center, Moravian College

Rosemarie Williams, MS, LPC, Staff Counselor & Outreach Coordinator, Moravian College

College and University counseling centers in the US are experiencing record increases in the number of students seeking counseling support. This growing trend and the increasing population of students with mental health issues offers higher education counseling centers a unique challenge and opportunity to respond with accessible and relatable outreach programs that utilize a tier 3 approach to counseling. This presentation will highlight a variety of ways that Moravian College Counseling Center has addressed this challenge with creative, innovative and educational programming.


UC 308

Moving Beyond a "Convenient" Residential Experience: Putting Mixed Methods Data into Action


Ethan Fields, Assistant Director, Residence Life; Lou Gardiner, Assistant Director, Residence Life;

Thor Banks, Graduate Intern, Office of Residence Life

Join Lehigh's Office of Residence Life as we share mixed methods data that we have collected in Spring and Fall 2017 and how we have incorporated the data into our strategic planning process as we plan to grow our residential population and truly integrate living and learning.


UC Faculty Lounge East (3rd Floor)

Panhellenic Recruitment Revealed: More than Just Matching Outfits


Brigette Gardner, Assistant Director, Fraternity & Sorority Affairs

With Panhellenic sororities representing nearly 40% of Lehigh’s undergraduate population of women, many students are sharing one common experience: recruitment. Participants will learn about how the process works, Panhellenic’s values-based approach, and how assessment is informing future change.


UC 408

What's in a word: Using one-word descriptions in assessment


Beth Halpern, Director, Community Engagement, Muhlenberg College;

Eveily Freeman, Associate Director, Community, Engagement Muhlenberg College

Surveys can feel cumbersome, but the use of one word responses on surveys can reveal student perspectives and serve as fodder for future conversations and focus groups. Creating a Wordle with responses allows for a visual representation of perceptions and opportunity for conversation with various campus/community groups.


UC 409

Assessment in the TRAC Writing Fellows Program


Greg Skutches, Director, Writing Across the Curriculum

Currently in its tenth year, the TRAC Writing Fellows program is a peer tutoring initiative dedicated to helping students across the disciplines improve their writing skills. This session will examine the program’s evolving effort to assess the work of TRAC Fellows to achieve continuous improvement.   


Colloquium Session #3 11:15-Noon


UC 306

Consent for Kids


Dr. Brooke DeSipio Ph.D, Director, Gender Violence Education and Support; Christina Hermann, Doctoral Student, Counseling Psychology and Graduate Assistant, University Counseling and Psychological Services

A multi-year study at Lehigh shows that college students struggle with the nuances of sexual consent. The problem is, consent should not be limited to college. This session will explore ways to talk about consent with the children in our lives and its implications for preventing gender violence on campus.


UC 308

After Hours: A Look Back on Prevention Efforts for the Greek Community


Brigette Gardner, Assistant Director, Fraternity & Sorority Affairs;

Ashley Baudouin, Assistant Dean & Director, Fraternity & Sorority Affairs

This session will explore how the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs is working to adapt and grow prevention efforts to address the current campus climate around alcohol and other crises. Participants will get a closer look at the development and implementation of these initiatives and related assessment data.


UC Faculty Lounge East (3rd Floor)

Spreading the Wealth: Expanding and Diversifying Community Options


Ashley Sardik, Associate Director, Residence Life, Lehigh University; Courtney Stephens, Assistant Dean of Students & Director, Residence Life, Muhlenberg College

Vision 1: Create and sustain engaging themed communities that excite students. Vision 2: Mix first-year students with upperclassmen when we have not seen this model in decades. Vision 3: Spread the locations of these communities across campus to expand the impact on our residential population. Challenge: Gain buy-in and bring all of these visions together in one year; therefore, creating data and research driven programmatic change and expansion. Sound tough? We'll talk through all of the adventures, roadblocks, and lessons the Office of Residence Life tackled and gathered during the 2016-2017 academic year.


UC 408

Lessons Learned from Academic Dishonesty Cases 2012-2017


Chris Mulvihill, Associate Dean of Students & Director, Office of Student Conduct & Community Expectations;

Holly Taylor, Associate Director, Office of Student Conduct & Community Expectations;

Dr. Anne Anderson Ph.D, Associate Professor of Finance, College of Business & Economics

What does academic dishonesty look like at Lehigh? What do students involved have in common? What do cases have in common? What are the outcomes for these kinds of cases? Each year the Office of Student Conduct & Community Expectations handles dozens of cases involving academic dishonesty.  This session will provide an overview of statistical and qualitative lessons learned over the last five years.  


UC 409

ROTC and your Army


Lieutenant Colonel Mike Farmer, Professor of Military Science & Leadership

This presentation will seek to provide symposium attendees with a better understanding of what ROTC entails, as well as quantify what types of students participate. It will also seek to educate attendees about the structure of our Nation's Army, and what our graduating students will experience.  


12:10-1:00pm-Food for Thought Lunch (50 minutes)

Food Buffet in UC 304, Eating Space in UC 303


For participants that choose to register for lunch, communal eating space will be provided to help facilitate networking, further inquiry, collaborative brainstorming, and meaning making, ideally related to specific themes that emerge organically based on attendee interest.  


Colloquium Session #4 1:15-1:55 pm


UC 306

Meeting American College Health Association Benchmarks through PDSA Cycle


Kathleen Brehm, CRNP; Karen Sicinski, RN; Dr. Thomas Novak M.D., Health and Wellness Center

American College Health Association set several clinical benchmarks to assess appropriate management in instances of acute care, injuries, chronic medical issues and critical screening with a focus on preventative care and patient safety. By using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle, questions were formulated to assess our compliance by conducting chart reviews and eventual improvement.   


UC 308

Middle States: The Why and The What We Learned


Dr. Jennifer Jensen Ph.D, Deputy Provost of Academic Affairs

Who the heck are these Middle States people anyway, and why do they matter? Sure, we need to be accredited, but why do we have this process? Why is the accreditation process stricter than in the past? And what are some things that Lehigh has learned during our self-study?


UC Faculty Lounge East (3rd Floor)

Highlights of Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire (SACQ)


Grace Reynolds, Director, Residence Life Lafayette College; Karen Forbes, Director, Counseling Services Lafayette College; Kristin Cothran, Director, Student Leadership & Involvement , Lafayette College; Amber Zuber, Director, Community Outreach Lafayette College

In Spring 2017, the Campus Life Assessment Committee (CLAC) collaborated with the College Deans and the Director of Institutional Research to measure first-year students’ adjustment using the Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire (SACQ). CLAC members will share survey results and describe how they have been applied within the College’s Connected Communities initiatives.


UC 408

Student Engagement: So Many Opportunities, So Little Time!


Khanjan Mehta, Vice President for Creative Inquiry & Director for the Mountaintop Initiative;

Bill Whitney, Administrative Director, Office of the Vice Provost for Creative Inquiry

How do we let students explore, vet, and sign-up for engagement opportunities? How do we connect students with experiences that best align with their passions? In this session, we will think and dream to develop a blueprint for an integrated, coordinated, student-centered approach to help them design their years at Lehigh…and beyond.

NOTE:  This is part 1 of a 2 part session.  Part 2 will continue into Session #5 in this same room


UC 409

First-Year Students’ Transition: It’s More Than Orientation


Stefanie Burke, Assistant Dean & Director, First-Year Experience;

Kara Uhrich, Assistant Director, First-Year Experience & Orientation

Assisting first-year students with their transition to college is a collaborative, ongoing process. In this session, we will share data identifying first-year students’ needs and the programmatic assessments demonstrating their effectiveness. There will also be time to learn from colleagues across functional areas to compare experiences working with first-year students.


Colloquium Session #5 2:05-2:45 pm


UC 306

Reactive to Proactive, Transaction to Transformational, One-to-One to One-to-Many


Lori Kennedy, Senior Director, Center for Career & Professional Development; Karen Kuczynski, Director, Center for Career & Professional Development

The Center for Career & Professional Development has changed the way we work. We will provide an overview of our current engagement and the evolution of our reimagining of services within the ecosystem of Lehigh.  


UC 308

Filling in the gaps: Using a First-Year Survey to Learn About Factors that Affect Retention


Meg Munley Stone, Research Assistant, Office of Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics

Many factors impact retention at Lehigh. This presentation will review what we already know about factors that affect retention and how we are using a first year student survey to fill in some gaps in our data. The development of the survey and findings from the first survey administration will be presented.      


UC Faculty Lounge East (3rd Floor)

Learning Outcomes for Students Participating in International Internships


Carol Ham, Director, Iacocca International Internship Program; MaryBeth Grove, M.A., Graduate Student

The Iacocca International Internship Program is a unique experiential learning program that is designed to help students with developing intercultural sensitivity, self-efficacy, and career readiness. We will share results of preliminary assessments of learning outcomes. The results focus on what we have learned from four instruments: the Global Perspectives Inventory, the Georgia Tech International Internship Survey, the General Self Efficacy Tool, the Virginia Tech Professional Competency Assessment Tool.


UC 408

Student Engagement: So Many Opportunities, So Little Time!


Khanjan Mehta, Vice President for Creative Inquiry & Director for the Mountaintop Initiative;

Bill Whitney, Administrative Director, Office of the Vice Provost for Creative Inquiry

How do we let students explore, vet, and sign-up for engagement opportunities? How do we connect students with experiences that best align with their passions? In this session, we will think and dream to develop a blueprint for an integrated, coordinated, student-centered approach to help them design their years at Lehigh…and beyond.

*NOTE:  This is part 2 of a 2 part session, and is a continuation of Session #4.


UC 409

Working Together: Integrating Career Readiness Interventions into Student Activities and Campus Life

Matt Kitchie, Senior Assistant Dean & Director, Student Engagement; Nick Christy, Assistant Director, Student Engagement

The experiences students have on our campuses build the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace. But, how can we provide a focus on those skills in a meaningful way? Come learn about a pilot career readiness program for students that aligns the National Association for Colleges and Employers competencies and bLUeprint foundations to interventions that promote professional growth.