Assessment Symposium Program

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8:00 a.m. - 8:20 a.m.        Registration & Continental Breakfast-Asa Packer Dining Room

8:20 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.        Welcome & Introductions-Asa Packer Dining Room

Dr. Ric Hall, Vice President for Student Affairs, Lehigh University
8:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.        Keynote Address: Enhancing Student Well-being in a University Setting
Asa Packer Dining Room
Dr. David Rubenstein, Executive Director of the Health and Wellness Center, Lehigh University

9:10 a.m. - 9:50 a.m.         Concurrent Sessions #1

Assessment Toolbox:  Survey Design Basics and Best Practices -- Room 303CD

Wyntre Stout, Research Analyst, Lehigh University
As a means of insight into the student experience, surveys play a pivotal role in assessment. This session will address the basics of carrying out a successful survey project as well as emphasize best practices in constructing a quality survey tool. Practical tips will cover strategies to improve survey response rates and yield meaningful data that can answer relevant questions.


The LTS Ramp Up: Student Engagement in an Online Student Orientation--Room 303AB

Stacey Kimmel-Smith, Assistant Director, Client Services, Lehigh University
The LTS Ramp Up is an online student orientation to library and technology services at Lehigh. Hosted on Moodle/Course Site and available to First Year Students over the summer prior to starting their first year, the Ramp Up uses features in Panopto and Moodle to a) track completion of modules b) reward students when milestones are achieved, and c) evaluate student persistence/engagement with videos and tutorials. This presentation will demonstrate statistics/activity tracking features in a number of LTS systems and services.


Today's Top Leadership Program - Army ROTC--Room 306

Major Benjamin Wearin, Assistant Professor of Military Science & Leadership, Lehigh University
This presentation will seek to provide symposium attendees with a better understanding of what Senior Army ROTC entails, as well as quantify what types of students participate. It will also seek to educate attendees about the structure, leader development model, and curriculum of our battalion, and what our graduating students will experience as future commissioned Officers for the United States Army.


Utilizing Data Driven Approaches to Plan and Implement Student Financial Hardship initiatives--Room 308

Allison Gulati, Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students, Muhlenberg College
Kristen Glass-Perez, College Chaplin, Muhlenberg College
Kate Shelly, Associate Director, Housing and Residence Life, Muhlenberg College
Robin Riley-Casey, Director of Multicultural Affairs, Muhlenberg College
Over the past two years, a campus-wide task force at Muhlenberg worked to gather significant data in order to develop and launch a series of strategies initiatives across all areas of the College to address student financial hardship, food and housing insecurity, and other critical needs of low income and first generation students at the College.  In this program, we will share the assessment tools used and data collected that informed our work, share strategies for furthering this work across other LVAIC institutions, and dialog with participants about some of the apparent and hidden opportunities and challenges this work presents.


10:00 a.m. - 10:40 a.m.     Concurrent Sessions #2

Assessment Toolbox:  Data Visualization Basics for Survey Data--Room 303CD

Caroline Seguin, Business Intelligence Analyst, Lehigh University
In this session we will discuss how to best represent survey data visually, as well as suggestions to prevent misuse and misunderstanding of information.


Who Knows What?: Understanding Undergraduate Learning through Library Assessment--Room 306

Carrie Baldwin-SoRelle, Social Sciences Librarian, LTS Client Services, Lehigh University
Jasmine Woodson, Assistant Director of Instruction and Outreach & Education Librarian, Lehigh University
As the ways that we find, produce, and share information continue to rapidly evolve, so too are the research skillsets and experiences that students bring to the classroom continually changing. This presentation will detail how librarians collect data concerning student research behavior in order to inform our teaching practices as well as techniques and tools we use to evaluate our classroom instruction.


Redefining What it Means to Lead at Lehigh--Room 308

Aarsenio Perry, Assistant Dean/Director, Student Engagement, Lehigh University
Ashley Lemmons, Associate Dean, Dean of Students, Lehigh University
Amy Miller, Assistant Director, Community Service Office, Lehigh University
Carolina Hernandez, Assistant Dean/Director, Community Service Office, Lehigh University
Carter Gilbert, Assistant Director, Student Engagement, Lehigh University
Erin Matyus, Assistant Director, Athletic Leadership Development, Lehigh University
This session will cover how the Leadership Hub has moved from “Best Practice” to “Practice-Informed Data,” as we aim to redefine the leadership experience of our students.  We will discuss the various assessment practices utilized through this collaborative process, including analysis of national instrument data, focus group feedback, and competency mapping. 


10:50 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.      Concurrent Sessions #3

Assessment Toolbox:  Working with Data in Excel from a Student Affairs Perspective--Room 303CD

Zane Kratzer, Data Research Scientist, Lehigh University
This session will cover some tips and tricks of working with data in Excel using a sample survey to answer a few basic questions about our student population.  Topics covered will include pivot tables, identifying duplicate records, cleaning up messy data, and working with multiple years of data.


Implementing 360° Reviews with Student Employees--Room 306

Chelsea Gilbert, Director, Pride Center, Lehigh University
Scott Burden, Associate Director, Pride Center, Lehigh University
During this session, the presenters will review a model for feedback for student employees using a 360° review tool. They will share lessons learned, as well as best practices and recommendations for attendees seeking to implement this with their own student employee teams.


Lehigh After Dark: Using Data to Assess a Holistic Approach to Alcohol-Free Programming--Room 303AB

Jenna Papaz, Director, Health Advancement & Prevention Strategies, Lehigh University
Nick Christy, Assistant Director, Programming & Student Center Facilities, Lehigh University
Anastasia Canell, Graduate Assistant, Health Advancement & Prevention Strategies, Lehigh University
Lehigh After Dark (LAD) will share assessment data from their multi-year study measuring the impact of late-night programming on students’ drinking behaviors. When LAD was created, the goal was to reduce the prevalence and severity of high-risk drinking and has since evolved to include mental health and wellbeing, community and belonging indicators. This presentation will offer insight as to how and why the program has grown and increased impact over time.  


Student Protest, Student Voice, and Student Conduct:  Muhlenberg College’s Approach to Student Questions and Concerns Regarding the Student Conduct System--Room 308

Courtney Stephens, Assistant Dean and Director, Housing & Residence Life, Muhlenberg College
Jane Schubert, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct, Muhlenberg College
In the spring 2019 semester, a group of students approached the College administration with concerns regarding the conduct system and the equity of the related processes. This presentation will cover the structural and procedural changes made to promote and maintain a more inclusive process.


11:40 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.      Concurrent Sessions #4

Assessment Toolbox:  Using Qualitative Methodologies to Assess Learning Outcomes--Room 303CD

Dr. Laurie Gray Evans, Director, Student Support & Case Management Services, Lehigh University
Meg Munley Stone, Director, Assessment and Student Life Curriculum, Lehigh University
Holly Taylor, Assistant Dean/Director, Student Conduct, Lehigh University
Much of the data collected in Student Affairs is qualitative in nature, including information collected in interviews and open-ended reflection questions. In this session, presenters will review a modified consensual qualitative research methodology to analyze bLUprint learning outcomes of the student conduct process.


How to Measure Student Learning Outcomes: Designing Assessments and Utilizing the Data for the Iacocca International Internship Program--Room 306

Carol Strange, Director, Iacocca International Internship Program
Junchi Zhang, Graduate Assistant, Office of International Affairs, Lehigh University
The presenters will share the assessment of the Iacocca International Internship Program at Lehigh University. This session will focus on topics including ways to prepare students for the experience, assess student gains, and gather student feedback. The presenters will discuss how they utilitized the survey data to improve the program.


Tracking Lehigh's Progress Towards American Talent Initiative Goals--Room 308

Dr. Yenny Anderson, Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics, Lehigh University
Caroline Seguin, Business Intelligence Analyst, Lehigh University
Dr. George White, Managing Director of Student Access and Success (Retired), and Professor in the College of Education (Retired)
In this session, the presenters will discuss the work that took place since Lehigh joined the American Talent Initiative (ATI), from setting up goals and quantifying them into metrics, to tracking our institution’s progress towards these goals in a dashboard format. The ATI is an initiative that brings colleges and universities togeter with philanthropy and research communities in order to expand access and opportunity for talented low-and moderate-income students.


12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.      Panel Discussion, Lunch & Adjournment--Asa Packer Dining Room

Panel Presentation: Dimensions of the Student Experience and Opportunities for Collaboration

Dr. Laurie Gray Evans, Director, Student Support & Case Management Services, Lehigh University
Dr. Jessecae Marsh, Associate Professor of Psychology, Lehigh University
Greg Meyer, Associate Dean of Students, Moravian College
Dr. Christopher Selena, Associate Dean of Advising and Co-Curricular Programs, Lafayette College
Moderated by Dr. David Rubenstein, Executive Director of The Health and Wellness Center, Lehigh University
A holistic view of the student experience encompasses a range of dimensions, including academic engagement, involvement in co-curricular activities, maintenance of health and wellbeing, and involvement in opportunities for social connectedness.  In a University setting, these areas of student life are inextricably interconnected and student success is predicated on attention to these areas.   This panel will explore opportunities for intersection of these elements of the student experience and discuss strategies and intentional processes that different functional areas within a university can commission to work together in promoting an atmosphere that is conducive to student development and success.