Clayton University Center Student Affairs Offices Moving to Christmas Saucon

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Student Affairs Department Christmas Saucon Location
Community Service Office (CSO)  
  Asst. Dean/Director, Carolina Hernandez 143
  Coordinator, Kristina Bealer 137
  Assistant Director, TBD 130B
  Assistant Director, TBD 139
  Assistant Director, Ashley Sciora 141
Gender Violence Education and Support  
  Director, Brooke DeSipio 241
  Coordinator, Erin Ketz 135
  Graduate Assistant 242
Health Advancement and Prevention Strategies  
  Director, Jenna Papaz 312
  Coordinator, Jenna Rose 311
  Graduate Assistant 314
Office of First Year Experience  
  Asst. Dean/Director, Stefanie Burke 140
  Coordinator, Erin Ketz 135
  Assoc. Director, Nicole Burke 142
  Graduate Assistant 138C
Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs  
  Asst. Dean/Director 310
  Coordinator, Ashley Strauss 305
  Assoc. Director, Sara Diem 309
  Asst. Director, Devore McIntosh 308
  Asst. Director, Julianna Dougherty 307
  Asst. Director, TBD 306
Student Center Facilities  
  Director, Carol HIll 138A
  Coordinator, Sandi Piazza 136
  Office Assistant, Connie Rizzo 136
  Graduate Assistant 138
  Information Desk 131
Student Engagement  
  Asst. Dean/Director, Aarsenio Perry 335
  Coordinator, Evelynda Santos 333
  Asst. Director, Serafina Genise 339
  Asst. Director, Cassandra Gonzalez 341
  Graduate Assistant 337
  The SOuRCe 302