What Constitutes an Event

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What constitutes an event: Any activity or event sponsored or endorsed by the student organization, including those that occur on or off University property where alcohol will be present (e.g., BYOB or third-party vendor). 

Complete an Event Notification Form if the event meets ANY of the following criteria:

  • Event will be held on campus
  • Event will be held off campus
  • Event will be held at a third-party vendor's location (e.g., restaurant, bar, hotel, etc.)
  • Event will take place outside the Lehigh Valley area
  • Event is overnight
  • Hired transportation (e.g., buses) is utilized

Deadline to Register: 72 hours prior to the start time of the event. 

Note: Depending on the type of event, the student organization may need to secure contracts with vendors more than 72 hours in advance. Any on campus reservations for tables and chairs, etc. will require advance reservations.