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  • Students creating blueprint
    Creating your Personal bLUeprint
    Looking to create your personal bLUeprint? Guiding questions will help you think about your experiences, your learning, and your future. Don’t worry about coloring outside the lines - innovation and creativity is the whole point!
  • blueprint supplies
    Creating an Organization bLUeprint
    Looking to create a bLUeprint with your team, group or organization? This resource provides helpful tips and guiding questions for that process. Don’t forget to have individuals connect their personal bLUeprints toward your organization's goals and plans!
Draft Book
The Draft Book is a helpful bLUeprint tool to encourage learning in the 5 Foundations. It is specifically designed for first-year students, but all are welcome to download and use.
bLUeprint Reflection
bLUeprint is meant to encourage those moments of pause and reflection. Share your thoughts and make meaning of your experiences for a variety of incentives throughout the year!