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Undergraduate Readmission

If you were away from Lehigh University for any reason, for any length of time, it is imperative that you complete the appropriate paperwork if you would like to return. Consult the categories below regarding process and timeline. Please be sure to read carefully all important information contained on this webpage. If you have any questions regarding the return process contact the Associate Dean (610-758-4159)

Readmission Form:


Procedures for Undergraduate Readmission

Returning from a Requested Leave of Absence - Readmission Form

When a leave of absence is requested, it is important to complete the readmission form the semester prior to returning. (See form below.) Students should complete the form before October 15 or March 15 in order to register on-time through web procedures. After completing the readmission form, students should contact their academic advisor or the associate dean of their college for assistance with registration and to receive the alternate PIN. See "Registration" below for information on how to register.

Readmission Form:

Returning, official leave not requested

Students who left campus without notifying Lehigh University of their plans to return must check with the Associate Deans Office(610-758-4159) to see if a SOS petition form is required to be readmitted. If the SOS petition form is NOT required the student should complete the readmission Form .If the SOS petition form is required, the petition should include a statement indicating why you left Lehigh, what you have done with your time away, and your reason for requesting to return. If attended other institutions since your departure, please include unofficial copies of transcripts as well as dean certification forms from each attended institution. Please consult the registrar regarding transfer credits. Students will be able to register for classes after your readmission is approved by the SOS Committee. After the petition is approved, they should contact the academic advisor or the associate dean of their college for assistance with registration. Ability to register on-line depends on the timing of the petition. It is best to petition to be readmitted before October 15 or March 15.

Health Review Readmission Form

Students required to participate in a Health Review Process should contact the Dean of Students Office (610-758-4156) when ready to discuss their return. Students participate in the process two weeks prior to the start of the semester of their return. Students are not permitted to register until the process is complete and a readmission is granted. As soon as the Health Review Process is complete students should complete the readmission form, see below.. The Dean of Students will contact the Registration & Academic Services Office, Academic Support Services, the Associate Dean of the College, and the Academic Advisor upon readmission. The University will do their best to provide registration assistance. However, we cannot guarantee admittance into closed courses. Students should work directly with the academic advisor or associate dean of the college for assistance with this process.


Disciplinary Suspension - Readmission Form

Students suspended for disciplinary reasons may not register for courses until all sanctions are completed. Students should refer to the sanction letter. This indicates the date the suspension ends. After that date, students may complete the re-admission form, see below. Students should first contact the Office of Student Conduct and provide any documentation needed to show completion of the sanctions. After receiving documentation from the Office of Student Conduct that all sanctions have been satisfactorily completed, the Associate Dean of Students will process the readmission form. At that point students can work with their Academic Advisor or the Associate Dean of the College for assistance with Registration.

Academic Suspension - SOS Petition

Students dropped for poor scholarship can petition to return after they are away for a year. When students are ready to talk about reinstatement, they should contact the Associate Dean of Students. After discussing process with the Associate Dean of Students, student should also contact the Associate Dean of the College. Students should complete the SOS Petition form . Students should attach a one page letter to the form outlining 1) what hindered academic performance during their time at Lehigh University, 2) what has been done with time away to address those issues, 3) how life at Lehigh University will be different upon return. In addition to that letter, students should attach an academic plan (courses to be taken immediately upon return and in the following semesters), supporting documentation (unofficial transcript if any courses taken while away, letter from employer, letter from therapist indicating readiness to return, etc).

Students should plan carefully for their return. It is important to give as much time as possible to successfully organize a successful return. Students should start the process at least three months in advance. Please consult the Associate Dean of Students for more details about appropriate timing of the petition. When a reinstatement is granted, students work with the Associate Dean of the College and the Academic Advisor for registration assistance.

Additional Information for Readmission


You cannot register for classes until you complete the readmission process as outline above.  You should contact your advisor or the associate dean of your college for information regarding appropriate classes.  Except for cases of health review or suspension, you should be sure to complete the readmission process prior to the registration time period.  So that we have plenty of time to activate your student status, please complete the process by October 15 for spring and March 15 for summer or fall.  Although we will do all we can to help you as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee that you will have active status for registration if you miss that deadline.  To access all registration information, you will need to access Banner by using your LIN and PIN through the secure log-in on the Registrar’s web page .  You will not be able to use your portal account as you have in the past.  You will, however, have access to everything you need.

Bursar's Office

In all above situations, the student's Bursar Account will be checked. If an outstanding balance exists, the student must clear the account before being permitted to return. Before readmission is finalized, all students need to complete a Bursar Payment Worksheet and submit it to the Bursar's Office.

Office of Financial Aid

When leaving Lehigh University, students receiving financial aid or Lehigh University Scholarships should contact their financial aid counselor to keep them informed of their plans. It is important to meet all deadlines for the returning semester. Students will not receive updates in the mail, so it is important that they contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions.

Housing Services

The Office of Housing Services will be notified in writing when students are readmitted or reinstated. Housing Services cannot officially assign housing until a student is actively readmitted or reinstated. However, it is important that you contact Housing Services immediately to discuss intent to return, housing options, and appropriate procedures.