Student Absences

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Active participation and engagement in coursework is critical to student success. Should you need to miss class due to illness, athletic competition, personal issue, or other circumstance, it is extremely important that you review your course syllabi for absence policy information and contact your instructor(s) as soon as possible and prior to the absence whenever possible.

In cases of extenuating circumstances, timely communication is critical in order to minimize the impact on your academics. Please keep your instructor(s) and Academic Life & Student Transitions informed of your situation in order to address your situation. 

The Student Absence Form should only be used (with any relevant documentation attached) if you have missed three(3) or more consecutive class days due to extenuating circumstances. Upon completion of this form, students will receive an electronic notification that is their responsibility to forward to their instructor(s).

Notification requests for one (1) day absences without any documentation, as an example, will not be processed. In these cases, please contact your instructor to discuss your specific situation.

Please note, the Student Absence Form is a self-reporting form and is used for information purposes only; it is important to note that instructors are not bound to follow a specified course of action or recommendation as a result of absence(s).

Lastly, you cannot use the Student Absence Form in cases where you miss a final examination; you must complete and submit a petition request to the Committee on the Standing of Students (SOS) to take a make-up final examination.