Academic Life & Student Transitions

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COVID-19 Academic Life & Student Transitions Updates
While classes are being held remotely our office is committed to the continued delivery of services to our students.
  • Students studying in Linderman Library
  • Students studying outside

University life offers many different transitions for students.  Whether it is the transition as a first semester student, transition to a new major, transition to life away from home, transition of life away from Lehigh, and the many stages in between, the Dean of Students Office offers several departments that can assist with your issues and concerns.  No matter how accomplished the student, the university experience can present an entirely new set of expectations that students find challenging.  Academic Support offers numerous services dedicated to helping each student succeed academically as well as develop individually.

Students wanting to improve individual performance in the classroom, as well as students finding that other issues are inhibiting academic performance, are encouraged to meet with a member of the Academic Support staff.  We can help assess the situation and make a plan for improvement.

Our department is committed to helping students reach their full academic potential.  Understanding the importance of integrating academic and student life, the staff members work with students to assist their development both inside and outside the classroom.  Academic Support staff is proud of their relationships with faculty members and college deans, as well as their relationships with other Student Affairs personnel. With collaborative efforts, we will assist students with any challenges that affect their academic progress.

Whether you are hoping to improve your math grade, learn the best way to read that psychology textbook, or find connections on campus, I encourage you to look through our website for information that may help enhance your Lehigh experience.