Grit and Growth Mindset

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Psychologists Angela Duckworth and Carol Dweck have studied factors that contribute to success not only academically but in all areas of life such as career and relationships.  Dr. Duckworth examines the concept of grit while Dr. Dweck looks at strategies to develop a growth mindset.  Watch the videos below and take Dr. Duckworth’s Grit Scale to see how gritty you are and how you can be more successful. 

Watch this video to better understand the concept of Grit

Watch Angela Duckworth’s TED Talk to hear about Grit in her words!

How gritty are you?

Click here to take the online Grit Scale!

How can you be grittier and more successful? 

Watch this video for tips on developing a growth mindset!

Developing a Growth Mindset

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