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For a lot of Lehigh students high school “studying” may have meant preparing for a test, usually the day before.  However, in college, studying should be a daily, cumulative action that begins on the first day of class and continues through the semester.  It should be about preparing for class, actively learning and participating while you are there and then reviewing soon and often.  It is about acquiring knowledge you will use your whole life, not just to ace an exam.  There are some great strategies you can try that can help you develop into an effective lifelong learner!

First, know yourself better!

Take this questionnaire to determine your strengths and areas of growth in your study plan!

Study Skills Questionnaire (University of Denver)

Note Taking

Having a great note taking system can maximize your learning in the classroom and make your review sessions more productive.  Now is the perfect time to consider which style works best for you!

College Info Geek’s How to Take Notes in Class:  The 5 Best Methods

Cornell Notes Template

Textbook reading strategies

Reading your textbook before the material is covered in class ensures you arrive to lecture prepared to actively learn.  However, not every college student knows how to actively read a textbook and can walk away with pages of yellow highlighting and little idea what was covered.  It’s important to have an active reading strategy such as the PQRST method.  

PQRST Reading Method

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