Non-Return & Withdrawal Process

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If you have decided not to return to Lehigh, or if you are leaving during the semester, we would like to talk with you about that decision. Please call the Associate Dean(610) 758-4159 to make an appointment or stop by at your convenience. If it is not convenient for you to speak with a Dean in person, please fill out the Non-Return/Withdraw Form. You can either print it out and send it back to the address indicated on the form, or you can complete the form electronically. (Please Note: This form is only for undergraduate students. This is not for newly accepted students. You should contact the admissions office to defer or forfeit). Please call with any questions regarding the process.

Complete the Non-Return/Withdraw Form online now

  ***Once you submit this form, you will be directed to complete a brief online survey. If you are planning to take a planned future semester away from Lehigh, please disregard this form and petition for a Leave of Absence.