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While you may not be directly affected by hazing, it is on all of us in the Lehigh University community to prevent hazing. In order to prepare our community to be strong allies in our hazing prevention initiative, information about hazing and what you need to know is broken down by community members.

Parents & Families

Multiple studies have shown that parents and families are often the number one group that students who are enduring acts of hazing share their experiences with. Having the correct information about what hazing is and how to report hazing and seek assistance is paramount.

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Fraternities & Sororities

Lehigh University’s fraternities and sororities are working to create high standards and an experience that is not defined by hazing.

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Athletics, Clubs & Intramural Sports

Our athletes are expected to demonstrate leadership by actively discouraging, intervening, and reporting any behaviors that do not reflect respect for self, respect for others, or respect for the Lehigh community.

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Student Organizations

All members of student organizations must understand what hazing is, and the detrimental effects it has on those being hazed.

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Faculty & Staff

You can help students make wise choices as advisors, educators and mentors, faculty and staff.

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