Bringing in the Bystander

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Lehigh University's Office of Gender Violence Education and Support uses Soteria Solutions' Bringing in the Bystander® College Prevention Program to help prevent gender based violence on our campus.

Bringing in the Bystander is an in-person educational program that encourages participants to become positive bystanders in instances of sexual and interpersonal violence and harassment. Participants learn to identify problem situations; they also learn practical skills for safe and effective intervention.

Bystanders are individuals who witness emergencies, criminal events, or situations that could lead to criminal events and by their presence may have the opportunity to provide assistance, do nothing, or contribute to the negative behavior. In the context of this program, prosocial bystanders are individuals whose behaviors intervene in ways that impact the outcome positively.

For more information and to request a Bringing in the Bystander training facilitated by Break the Silence peer educators please contact the Office of Survivor Support and Intimacy Education at or 610-758-1303.