Cadet Leader Course (CLC)

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WHAT IS CLC? (Cadet Leader Course)

The Cadet Leader  Course (CLC),  is a thirty day training event held every summer at Fort Knox in Kentucky.

CLC is to train Cadets to Army standards, develop leadership, and improve leadership skills and attributes. Additionally, CLC meets the pre-commissioning summer training requirements as set forth in accordance with Army Regulation 145-1 and Cadet Command Regulation 145-03.  CLC is the most significant training and evaluation event in ROTC.  Training is complex, challenging,  and rigorous  and is conducted in a stressful training environment.

CLC training utilizes small unit tactical training as the vehicle for developing and evaluating officer potential.  Each regiment follows a progressive sequence of training, and builds on previous training events beginning with individual skills and culminating with rigorous platoon level training,  ensuring standardized training and evaluation of all Cadets.