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Creative Vibes is a community founded on combining the Arts and the community. Our vision is creativity, friendship, and family while helping artists understand how music and and the performing arts shape our world. This community serves as an extension of the Arts Alive Community, while maintaining its own identity of the performing arts.  With our in-house studio, constructed by Creative Vibes members, artists will be able to freely record and create when they please. We know that there are some artists that need some time alone so they can be able to get in their creative mindset. The Creative Vibes Community has established both group and individual working areas to meet every artist’s needs helping to  develop their skills and achieve their goals for the future.


Meet 2021-2022 Creative Arts Leadership Team!

Advisor:  Kashi Johnson - Associate Professor, Department of Theatre 

Community Coordinator:  TBD

Assistant Director:  TBD

2021-2022 Location:  Warren Square A