Upper-Class Themed Housing Communities

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For the 2023-2024 academic year, there are eight upper-class themed housing communities which continue to foster students’ connections to both Lehigh and the greater Bethlehem community:

Creative Vibes - A community founded on the idea of providing opportunities of learning and growth through the arts, found within the local community and beyond

Fit Living - A community designed to support and promote the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of its residents. This community provides resources and opportunities for residents to learn about healthy living, participate in fitness activities, and connect with peers who share similar health and wellness goals.

Health & MedicineA community designed for students who are considering a career in a health-related field. The community will be a space for students interested in a variety of different majors, but intending to pursue a pre-health career including but not limited to medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, physical therapy, nursing, and more. The mission of this community is to allow pre-health students interested in similar careers to collaborate, share ideas, motivate each other, and create friendships and connections that last. 

STEM - A community for students looking to enhance their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics outside of the classroom and develop the skills necessary to be chosen leaders in their field. 

UMOJA - UMOJA, which means "unity" in Swahili, allows residents to develop a sense of community through a shared exploration of diversity and multiculturalism.

Here is the list of newly created theme communities that will be available to students for the upcoming year:

Music Appreciation A community that strives to spread the joy, passion, and artistry that can be created through music and work together to develop our skills as musicians. This community aims to immerse its members in a diverse range of musical styles to learn about music’s cultural and technical history, and foster a setting where those who are or aspire to be musical performers can be involved in a community where music is fully embraced. 

Muslim Student AssociationDedicated to creating and establishing a community for Muslims of all backgrounds to interact with one another in order to increase Islamic awareness among all students on campus and to provide a support system for the broader Muslim community at Lehigh. 

Spiritual HouseA community focused on prioritizing mental health, positivity, and faith for students of color at Lehigh.  Spiritual House is a place where students focus on pursuing their academic goals while also cultivating their individual and communal spirituality.