Themed Housing Communities

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FALL 2020 Semester Update:  Please note that unfortunately theme communities will not be offered this semester due to logistical complications with our campus housing occupancy due to COVID-19.  We look forward to welcoming our theme communities back soon.

The Office of Residence Life has partnered with the Office of First-Year Experience and Housing Services in recognizing the importance of making connections through community living, and the opporuntiy for students to experience personal growth and development as part of their residential experience at Lehigh when they are connected to others with similar interests and ideals.  

The goal of our theme community program is to bring students together in exloring our bLUeprint’s Five Foundations for Student Success in the context of their shared areas of interest.

Students participating in a themed community will:

  • Have increased interaction with Lehigh staff members. 
  • Develop an increased sense of belonging to their residential community.
  • Form positive relationships with peers in their residential community.
  • Be exposed to new intellectual ideas in their areas of interest.
  • Be inspired to explore new concepts and ideas related to their chosen theme.

Each theme community has a Community Coordinator, a leader within that commuity who works on community recruitment, as well collaborating with their Gryphon on developing, planning, and exexcuting events for the community over the course of the year. 

First-year students are able to preference their theme community options when they apply for their on-campus housing in mid-May.  Upperclass students are able to apply directly to a theme community program during the theme community application process.  Information and dates about that process will be updated here for reference. 

Click on one of the logos below to learn more about each of our unique communities: