Student Records Expungement Policy

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In 2013 Lehigh University changed its disciplinary records policy so that disciplinary records are maintained indefinitely.  While this records policy does present other institutions an accurate reflection of the records we maintain, it may not always foster an accurate portrayal of a student's learning through the disciplinary process and that student's ability to modify their behavior.

This expungement policy reflects the philosophy that students can and do learn from their interactions with our conduct process and that self-reflection and self-knowledge produces change in individuals.

Policy Statements

Expungement Process

Students may apply to have their disciplinary record expunged if the following criteria have been met:

1.      The case did not involve academic dishonesty
2.      The case did not involve violence, threats of violence, sexual misconduct, or any form of harassment.
3.      Four full semesters have passed since the conclusion of the sanctions
4.      The highest level primary sanction imposed is disciplinary probation or a warning.
5.      The student has a single disciplinary violation in their record.

Once four full semesters have passed from the conclusion of the sanctions (or four full semesters following the conclusion of the disciplinary process for cases that result in a warning) a student may complete an "Application for Expungement."   Letters of recommendation, a transcript, as well as other supporting material may also be required.

The OSC&CE in consultation with the Disciplinary Review Committee, the Dean of Students and other campus departments (LUPD, Registrar, OGC) will review each application and determine if expungement is warranted based on the applicant's contributions to the community, their academic record and their continued lack of disciplinary records.

The student will be notified of the outcome of their application in writing.

If an expungement is granted, the record will be maintained for seven years but not reported as a disciplinary violation.

If after a record is expunged the student is found responsible for another violation of the Code of Conduct then the expunged record will be removed from the expunged list and become active again. A letter will be sent to all institutions that requested records during the time that the record was expunged indicating the change in status.

The application for records expungement is online at: