CHOICE: A Substance Free Community

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CHOICE Community


The CHOICE community is one that is committed to a substance free and healthy lifestyle where students come together to engage in responsible and healthy decision making. The CHOICE Community focuses on a mentorship approach in which students, in collaboration with Lehigh After Dark, can explore their Lehigh experience without the pressure of experimenting with substance use. CHOICE community members choose not to engage in the consumption of alcohol, tobacco products, or other activities that fall out of a community definition of “healthy living”. This community is one of mutual respect and understanding, and while it is not a strictly noise-free environment, those who visit this community are asked to respect community guidelines and CHOICE standards.  


Meet the 2021-2022 Choice Leadership Team!

Advisor:  Nick Christy - Assistant Director, Student Engagement

Community Coordinator:  TBD

Assistant Director:  TBD

2021-2022 Location:  TBD