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During the Clayton University Center Renovation we recognize there will be limited large programming spaces available.   Planning as far in advance will be beneficial and working with other groups and/or departments to co-sponsor events will help with space limitations.  As you are planning your events, here are just a few spaces you may wish to consider as an alternative. 

Lamberton Hall 

Guidelines for Use

  • Capacity:
    • 125- Seated with round tables 
    • 200- Audience Style 
  • Furniture included in reservation:
  • 60” Round Tables
  • 5’ Rectangular Tables (2 per table)
  • Stage: maximum size 16’ x 16’ which come in 4’ x 8’ sections
  • Basic Sound System/AV included 
  • Can accommodate music events (ex. Open mic, Karaoke, Battle of the Bands, etc.)
  • Food must go through Lehigh Catering
  • Available for use Monday- Friday after 4 pm - 11 pm; Saturday and Sunday- 10 am - 11pm
  • Meetings, trainings,  and workshops
  • Dinners/Banquets/Receptions
  • Student Activities (Wingo, trivia, art nights, organizational events, etc.)
  • Music Performances 
  • Dance Practices 
  • Blood Drives
  • Types of events: 

Guidelines for Reserving 


HST Building 3rd Floor (temporary unfinished space which is being made available during the CUC Renovation)

Guidelines for Use

  • Capacity
    • 3rd floor maximum occupancy is 150 - This is an unfinished space and has received occupancy approval for 150 maximum through the City of Bethlehem
    • 150 - Seated with Tables 
    • 150 - Audience Style 
  • Because the space is not finished, the sound travels in this space, as a result,  musical performances outside of acapella groups are not permitted
  • This includes no DJs, Open Mic Nights, Bands, etc. 
  • Light background music can be played during events 
  • For speaker use 
  • Basic sound system/AV included
  • All food must go through Lehigh Catering 
  • 48” (6 per table) and 60” ( 8 per table) Round Tables
  • Meetings
  • Meetings, trainings, and workshops
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Banquets
  • Student Engagement 
  • Dance Practices 
  • Student organizations can only host events after 5pm, and on weekends.
  • LUPD Security will be required for all events after 5 pm
  • Furniture available:
  • Types of Events:

Guidelines for Reserving 

Guidelines for Reserving 

  • All requests for space will be reviewed by HST 3rd Floor Activities Team 
  • All student groups/organizations must meet with a Student Center Facilities professional staff member to review guidelines and sign off on the user agreement before an event can be confirmed

Additional Information 

Fee Structure

  • Student organizations will not be charged to use HST 3rd Floor or Lamberton Hall 
  • Departments will be charged $50/hr staffing fee and a $150 Facility Fee 



  • Any damage will be charged directly to the sponsoring organization and if appropriate, subject to disciplinary action
  • The sponsoring organization is responsible for those in attendance.  As a result, each sponsoring organization must take appropriate action to ensure there is no damage or theft during the event.

Other locations which may work for your event and should be considered:

  • Iacocca Conference Center (Mountaintop Campus)l: Larger food scale events involving LU Catering (dinners, banquets, and more formal events) we suggest working with Conference Services 
  • Auditorium space for events that can utilize audience style seating (performances, talent shows, open mics, and speaker type events) in Packard 101, Whitaker, RBC, Zoellner through 25Live
  • Zoellner Art Center  there are a variety of theater and lobby spaces that may work creatively for your event  or LUAG for Gallery Space
  • Grace Hall for larger scaled events, this typically requires additional costs to have the floor covered and staffing
  • STEPS Atrium and Concourse lobby areas can be requested through 25Live and once confirmed would require a work order through Facilities to have tables/chairs brought in by ABM