Outdoor Events

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Considerable planning must be conducted prior to organizing outdoor events to ensure compliance with codes.  Blocking fire lanes is prohibited.  If you have any questions regarding codes please contact Environmental Health and Safety 610-758-4251.

Consider alternate date/location due to inclement weather. When choosing either an alternate date or indoor location it is important to indicate that information to the scheduling office. In most cases, specific information as to date and time that a location/date will either be confirmed or released will need to be provided to the scheduler. 

Charges may be associated with non-cancellation.

  • Reservation requests for outdoor space on lower Asa Campus can be placed in Reservations system (25Live):   Reserve event space  

If your event requires the use of a tent covering the area exceeding 900 square feet and/or having an occupant load of more than 50, you must first register with the city of Bethlehem. For information please contact the Building and Housing Inspections Office at (610) 865-7091, located in City Hall. You will be required to submit a Certificate of Flammability to the City of Bethlehem. 

Questions regarding Tents can be directed to Facilties Office:  610-758-3940 

All contractors/vendors engaged to erect tents covering an area exceeding 900 square feet and/or having an occupant load of more than 50, shall provide Lehigh University with a standard ACORD Certificate of Insurance evidencing Commercial General Liability at the minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence/$1,000,000 aggregate. Lehigh University shall be named as an Additional Insured on all liability insurance policies

Failure to clean up the area will result in the sponsoring organization paying for any associated charges.  Work Orders must be submitted for tables, chairs, barricades, staging, trash receptacles, electrical requirements etc.  https://facilities.lehigh.edu/operations-maintenance/work-order-central

You may contact the Dining Services Office: (610) 758-4168 or incater@lehigh.edu to arrange food for your event.

The University Center Reservation Staff is not responsible for non-compliance by the Sponsoring Organization or the attendees. Any additional charges incurred by the sponsoring party will be charged directly against the sponsoring organization's account

    • Residence Hall spaces -  contact 610-758-6598 or inlife@lehigh.edu 
    • Fraternity or Sorority Affairs– phone: 610-758-4157
    • Athletic spaces – Dale Townsend or Allen Biddinger (610-758- 3397)
    • Mountaintop Campus - Contact Conference Services: 610-758-5306  or  inocs@lehigh.edu