Risk and Liability Assessment

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As agents of Lehigh University it is our goal to assist you by providing important information to help you manage you event or function in a safe manner without causing unnecessary risk to the participants, attendees, or to the University.  Understanding your event is very important to us and it is our desire to help you plan a safe and successful event. Below are a few key points that have been provided to assist you as you plan your event.

We should assess the level of risk when advising, developing, planning and implementing programs on our campus to determine the appropriateness in meeting the desired learning outcomes that fit within the strategic plan for the university.  This should be a collaborative process between the students and the staff, including Risk Management department whenever consultation is necessary.  We need to determine the following:


  • What are the risks of holding the event on campus

  • What consequences may there be with hosting the event

  • What is the likelihood the event will occur

  • Whether the event is acceptable for the university

  • What actions may be taken to mitigate the risk   


It is important for everyone to recognize risk in their lives and respond accordingly.  Risk should not always be perceived in the negative context and should be viewed as opportunities to help strategize how to managerisk on a daily basis and during events.



Students are not permitted to sign a contract at any time with an outside vendor, rental company, performer(s), speaker, etc. on behalf of Lehigh University. All contracts must go through the appropriate advising system. It is important to note that all outside organizations are required to sign an Indemnification and provide a Certificate of Insurance with Lehigh University added as additionally insured.  Please ensure that you allow a minimum of four weeks in advance to go through the required review process.

  • Fraternities and Sororities - Assistant Dean of Students for Student Involvement must review and handle contracts and will consult with Risk Management and/or Legal Counsel as necessary.

  • Senate Recognized Student Clubs and Organizations - Assistant Dean of Student (Student Involvement)

Student Involvement/Student Programs Coordinator must review and handle contracts and will consult with Risk Management and/or Legal Counsel as necessary.

  • International Students are required to contact the International Students and Scholars Office

  • Honorary/Academic groups are required to go through appropriate department advisor.

  • If you are unsure of whom the contact person is please call Student Center Facilities Reservations Office 610-758-4163, the Office of Student Involvement 610-758-6670, or Risk Management Office at 610-758-3899.


Waivers and Release of Liability Forms

Depending on the type of event or activity students may need to sign a waiver to participate. All off campus events require a signed waiver.  On campus events are dependent on the activity.

  • If you are unsure of whom the contact person is please call Student Center Facilities Reservations Office 610-758-4163, the Office of Student Engagement  610-758-6670, or Risk Management Office at 610-758-3899.

If it is determined that a waiver is needed for your event there are different options as to how to get it out to the participants, some examples:

  • In-person by printing individual waivers and having each participant sign OR  have a general printed statement with each participant signing their name on a blank line

  • Online via the links listed below

Check to make sure you are using the correct waiver.

  • Waivers must be kept on file by the appropriate advising system for two years.

For personalized waivers please reach out to the Office of Student Involvement Office at instuact@lehigh.edu


University Staff Representative at Events

The level of risk based on the type of event may result in the University requiring a University Staff Representative being present during the entire activity to reduce the level of liability. 

  • Faculty or staff advisor must be on site for the duration of the event

  • Lehigh Event or Police Security may be required to be at the event.  The cost of this would be the financial responsibility of the sponsoring organization or department and should be factored into the cost of the event.  This will be determined after proper consultation with Risk Management.

  • There are some proactive steps that should be taken during the event even if a staff representative is not required

    • Update your advisor on the activity and develop and emergency action plan and contact list

    • Establish a day of the event contact list  


Previously Held Events

Even if an event has been held in the past, the event may still need to be reviewed to determine if anything has changed.  Make sure that the event has been submitted through LINC.  If this event previously went through the Campus Engagement Advisory Group (CEAG), send an emai to inceag@lehigh.edu with updated information or general questions.  There are times when guidelines established within the University may have been updated which may impact the hosting of the event.