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Students Co-Sponsorship Fund

Balloon banner with Welcome Spring Fling signThe Dean of Student Office seeks to promote educational, cultural, and social campus opportunities by providing co-sponsorship funds to student clubs and organizations. Please complete this form in its entirety to be considered for funding. Please contact the Dean of Students Office at with any questions. 


Frequently Asked Questions about the Dean of Students Co-Sponsorship Fund

1. What’s the difference between the Dean of Students Co-sponsorship Fund and the Student Opportunity Fund?

The Dean of Students co-sponsorship Fund  provides supplemental funding to recognized Lehigh University student clubs and organizations for their events.  The Division of Student Affairs, including all the Dean of Student departments, combined their co-sponsorship funds into one place so student organizations don’t have to solicit various offices. The DOS co-sponsorship fund can provide modest grants to organizations hosting events that are open to all or part of the LU community, i.e. all LU students, faculty, staff, and/or local community members.  Preference is given to events that are planned by more than one group, and that are educational, social, service, and/or cultural.

This fund is maintained by Katherine Lavinder, Dean of Students. 

The Student Opportunity Fund provides financial assistance to individual undergraduate students to further their personal, professional, and educational development.  This fund has been made possible by the generous annual donation from a private anonymous donor.  The goal of this fund is to reduce individual students’ costs to participate in experiences that contribute to their personal and professional development.  The fund is not able to support international travel experiences. 

The fund is maintained by Ashely Lemmons, Associate Dean of Students  

2. I know Dean Lavinder personally, can I email her my request for funding or do I need to fill out the appropriate funding request form?

Please fill out the Student Clubs & Organizations Funding Request Form on LINC-Lehigh Involvement Connection. This will expedite the request by providing all the necessary information. Also, by using the form the dean's assistant, Amy Grim, will be informed of your request and process it quickly. 

3. Can I contact the other offices in Student Affairs and the Dean of Students Office for funding?

There is no need to solicit funds from the other departments individually, since they already contributed to the social improvement fund.  

4. I am not a member of a club or organization, can I still request funding?

This fund is specifically to support events that are planned and hosted by recognized Lehigh University clubs and organizations.  If you are interested in an individual funding option, you can see if your request fits the criteria of the student opportunity fund.

5. How long does it take to process the form and how will I be notified?

Request your funding well in advance of your event. Response time is typically under a week. Planning is key to the success of your event and providing as much information on the form, including uploading your budget.  Utilize the information on the Student Center Facilities webpage for event planning.

You will receive an email regarding your request.

6. I am a member of a graduate student club or organization.  Can our group apply?

Yes, and only one person from the group needs to fill out the Student Clubs & Organizations’ Fund Request Form. 


Student Opportunity Fund

The Dean of Students Office is able to provide financial assistance to individual undergraduate students to further their personal, professional, and educational development.  This need-based fund was established to allow students, who may not otherwise be able to afford it, to take advantage of opportunities to participate in academic and co-curricular experiences by providing a funding subsidy to defray their out-of-pocket expenses.  Some examples of experiences/events that may qualify for this subsidy are:  training seminars, conferences, workshops, on- and off-campus educational or skill development seminars, programs, educational trips, PreLUsion trips, etc.  The goal of this fund is to reduce individual students' personal financial expenses related to such experiences and to provide financial access to students who may not otherwise be able to afford to participate.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Student Opportunity Fund

1. What is the Student Opportunity Fund?

Please read the statement above!

2. What is needed to qualify for a grant from the fund?

In order to be fully considered to receive a grant you must...

✔ Read through the remaining information

✔Submit a completed application

✔Submit a detailed budget (including a personal contribution and other funding sources)

✔Submit the name of a faculty or staff member aware of the opportunity you are applying for

3. Personal contribution...other funding sources...what!?

As mentioned previously, the Student Opportunity Fund a "funding subsidy to defray out-of-pocket expenses". In other words, SOF cannot fund 100% of your opportunity. The Dean of Students office expects that you have some sort of personal contribution along with information regarding your search in other funding sources.  There are many resources on campus that are available so please seek them out before submitting for funding from SOF.  Places to see include: your college of enrollment, your advisor, the club you are part of, etc...

4. How many students can be approved for the same opportunity?

Grants will be given to no more than five students per opportunity.

5. How many times a year am I eligible for a grant from the Student Opportunity Fund?

In general, students are eligible for one grant per academic year.

6. If I receive an award, how will I get the funds?

Often time's expenses such as airline travel and conference registration can be paid directly by the Dean of Students Office. In some cases, however, it makes sense for the students to receive cash advances and to settle those advances when they return from their trips. Other times, it works better for the students to register or otherwise pay for some of the expenses and be reimbursed. Either way, you MUST provide receipts for your expenses.

9. How long does it take to process the form and how will I be notified?

It is highly suggested that you submit your application for funding well in advance of your event. Response time is typically under one week, however, please allow up to two weeks for review and response.  Once it has been reviewed you will receive an email regarding the decision.

10. What do I do if I still have questions?

Not to worry! You may contact Micha Fell, DOS Coordinator by sending an email or calling 610-758-4165


To begin the application for Student Opportunit Fund CLICK HERE