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Is it only for women?

No!  The Center for Gender Equity’s mission—to create gender equity at Lehigh—includes everyone.  We want everyone to be able to be who they are, as a gendered being, freely and supportively at Lehigh.  Gender equity needs everyone’s help, and we welcome everyone.


Can I just stop in any time?

Pretty much.  The Center for Gender Equity’s Lounge (UC c207) is open when the University Center is open.  We are closed during Staff Meetings and when other groups, faculty, or people reserve the space for a private function.  Otherwise, we are open, even when we are hosting a discussion.  Student staff are usually in the Lounge working from 9am-4pm, Monday-Thursday and around the noon hour on Fridays.

You can stop in and say “hey” or find out what they’re working on.  You can also just drop in to relax, listen to music, watch tv, take a nap, and eat food.  Since the UC has both Upper and Court, you can grab food and then eat in the Center for Gender Equity.  In the evening, you can use the Center to study or hang out with friends.

PS  Shhhh . . . The Center for Gender Equity is one of the best places to study during Finals Week.  You can have mass amounts of seating and table space to sprawl out, either alone or with a study group.  Don’t tell anyone . . . .


Are all of the staff feminists?

Probably not.  It’s certainly not a requisite, and a lot of our work is grounded in feminist theories.  We do have challenging conversations in the Center, and we also seek to hear and understand all perspectives.


Do you have any wage positions for students?

Unfortunately, no.  If you have time, feel free to volunteer or participate in one of our events.


Are you a confidential space to report instances of gender-based violence or harassment and discrimination?

Although we are not confidential—only the Chaplain’s Office and Counseling and Psychological Services are—we do offer a safe space to talk.  If you or someone you know needs immediate assistance, please contact LUPD, an Advocate, the Health Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, or the Equal Opportunity Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator.

Our Director is available to talk through issues, both those that may be affecting you or a friend about whom you’re worried.  She also does work with students surrounding everyday and casual sexism to work with students to create a campus free of these instances.


I have an idea about an event connected to women and gender, but I have never put together an event before.  Do you have ways to support me?

Certainly!  Ninety percent of all events and projects come from our student staff members.  Contact us to set up a time to meet and go over your goals.