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Academic Life & Student Transitions - Students wanting to improve individual performance in the classroom, as well as students finding that other issues are inhibiting academic performance, are encouraged to meet with a member of the Academic Support staff.  We can help assess the situation and make a plan for improvement. We also provide a variety of other services. 

Center for Academic Success - The Center provides peer tutoring services in many first and second-year courses (introductory and 100-level courses) and study skills assistance free of charge to Lehigh University students.

Center for Career & Professional Development - Formerly known as Career Services, the center provides resources to support the career development of Lehigh students at all stages of their education.

Center for Gender Equity (formerly The Women's Center) - The Center creates gender equity within the Lehigh community. They also provide a dynamic space for conversations, meetings and project planning.

Community Service - Take some time to explore our website to learn about the agencies and people we serve, read our newsletters and annual reports, and be inspired by the selfless efforts of our student staff and volunteers.

Counseling & Psychological Services - Our services are primarily designed to help students thrive in meaningful ways, to grow in self-understanding in order to make optimal  use of their personal and interpersonal resources. Individual counseling, group therapy, faculty/staff and parent consultation, and numerous outreach activities are some of the primary means by which we attempt to accomplish our mission to serve this community.  We are also devoted to helping students manage the occasional crises that arise at this time of life.

Health & Wellness Center - The center hosts a variety of services, including immunizations, routine examinations.  Visit the webpage to learn more.

Legal Resources

LINC - Lehigh Involvement Connections, formerly known as The HUB  - virtual campus center and is the primary location for the Lehigh community to find out what's happening on campus via a campus involvement calendar and to learn about student involvement opportunities.

Multicultural Affairs - We offer a range of programs,discussions, social events, resources, guest lectures and events to get you started down the path of self-discovery. If you've already started these processes, OMA programs and services can offer ways to increase your knowledge, enhance your skills and deepen your appreciation for diversity.

Policy on Harassment and Non-Discrimination

The Pride Center for Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity - Visit our site and learn about resources and upcoming events.  Also learn about the our student groups Spectrum, PRISM- The LGBTQIA Graduate Group, and oSTEM (Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). If you have an idea for an event, program, conference, or speaker you would like to see on campus then please let us know and we’ll help you plan and create that opportunity!

Principles of an Equitable Community - Commitment and Engagement -The Lehigh community is devoted to creating a rich educational experience and committed to creating an environment where we all learn, work and live together, transcending racial, cultural and other boundaries. Students flourish in an academic environment where they can and do learn from their life experiences as well as from the diverse backgrounds and opinions of those around them.

Student Handbook - The Student Handbook is a valuable resource, please see this online version.

Title IX Notice of Nondiscrimination

Voter Registration Information - The right to vote is fundamental in a democratic society. Lehigh University strives to be a politically aware and civically engaged community, and one expression of those values can be exercising your right to vote.