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Lehigh is committed to values of excellence, integrity, equitable community, intellectual curiosity, collaboration, and leadership.  We are proud that so many of our students truly embody these ideals. These students put forth tremendous effort to contribute to Lehigh University, as well as to the local and global communities.  As a result, we are committed to recognizing them for the indelible mark they will leave on Lehigh and the impact they have on their peers. 

The Committee on Undergraduate Awards and Prizes is in the process of gathering nominations for undergraduate student awards. These are among the most prestigious undergraduate awards at Lehigh. Also the Dean of Students office is accepting nominations for the celebrated Student Life Leadership Awards. 

We will utilize "LINC" (formerly the HUB) for our nominations process.  From the Inside Lehigh home page, go to Connect Lehigh in the upper left corner and login.

In order to submit a nomination via "LINC" you will use your Lehigh username and password. First-time users will be prompted to create a profile. If you already have a profile, go to:

Nominations are due by 12:00 noon on Thursday, February 21, 2019.

First-time user: To complete this process follow these steps:
1.  Go to the following link:
2.  Click login (this will take you to the Connect Lehigh page)
3.  Enter your Lehigh User ID and Password. Enter your first name, last name, e-mail address and campus affiliation (graduate student, faculty/staff, etc.)
4.  Use this link to access the nomination form:

To learn more about the various awards see the information below.  

Undergraduate Awards and Prizes

Each spring, the Committee on Undergraduate Awards and Prizes accepts nominations for the following awards and prizes.

Bosey Reiter Leadership Cup (Awarded to a graduating senior)

Selection shall be guided by the following considerations:

  1. The leadership shall be such as to contribute primarily to the best interest of the University.
  2. Leadership shall be defined chiefly in terms of moral character and the definition of character shall be Theodore Roosevelt's: "Resolution, courage, energy, power of self control, combined with fearlessness in taking the initiative and assuming responsibility; a just regard for the rights of others, together with unflinching determination to succeed , no matter what obstacles and barriers have to be beaten down. There is, moreover, one quality too often wholly lacking in men of high intellectual ability , without which real character cannot exist--namely, the fundamental gift of common sense."

Class of 1904 Award (Awarded to rising seniors)

Members of the Class of 1904, looking forward to suitably commemorating their 50th reunion and desiring to make a substantial contribution toward the University's growth conceived the idea of establishing a scholarship fund in honor of their class. Awarded on the basis of character, scholarship, qualifications indicating promise of future leadership, and extracurricular activities.  Financial need is not a requisite for the award, which is applied to their senior year.

David Hellekjaer Memorial Award (Awarded to a graduating senior)
Presented to a senior who best exemplifies characteristics of David Hellekjaer.

  • Vigorous participation in sports
  • Dedicated commitment to the study of science (natural or physical sciences: biology, geology, environment sciences; physics or chemistry)
  • Loyalty and contribution to a fraternity or sorority

Leonard Pool Memorial Prize

  • Awarded to rising Juniors or rising Seniors
  • Exhibits entrepreneurial talents such as operating a business while attending classes at Lehigh
  • Academics does not play a role -- based on entrepreneurial "spirit"
  • Prize applied toward Lehigh account
  • To apply, applicant is required to prepare a detailed description of their venture

Complete the nomination form and submit a detailed portfolio or description of your business venture to the Dean of Students office to or bring to Williams Hall, Suite 390. Any questions, email or call 610.758.4165.

Deborah Pearsall Prize

The Deborah Pearsall Prize is awarded annually to an undergraduate student who identifies as female and who best exemplifies the attributes that Deborah Pearsall ’12 embodied throughout her life: engaged leadership, inexhaustible optimistic attitude about challenges and  opportunities, a “can do” spirit combined with action, integrity, courage, honesty, fairness, advocacy, enthusiasm, and a commitment to “do the right thing” regardless of whether it is the popular choice.  

University Service Award (Awarded to a graduating senior)  Photo by John Kish

The intention of the University Service Award is to honor that senior whose influence, ideals and activities have been devoted unselfishly to serve the best interests of their Alma Mater and fellow students. It is not so much a measure of the extensiveness of a student's campus activities as it is a measure of the unselfishness with which he or she has given of their time and effort to make those activities serve their fellow students. Popularity is not a factor, though inability to get along with ones fellow students jeopardizes ones chances of effective service.

The intangibles of character, loyalty and service, which go to make up this ideal Lehigh student, are not always easy to ferret out and identify. It is for this reason that fellow students who know him or her most intimately are called upon, not only to recommend the candidate, but to support the recommendation with rather full statement as to just why they think a particular candidate is most deserving of the award. These recommendations are sought from as many different student sources on the campus as possible. Where there is a preponderance of evidence pointing toward one or two men or women, and yet coming from a number of different student sources, the most outstanding of the seniors in terms of these criteria become more easily identifiable.

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Student Life Leadership Awards

Each spring, the Dean of Students Office recognizes those outstanding students who have contributed to the improvement of the quality of life on our campus. You may nominate as many students as you feel are deserving of special recognition.


Contribution to Student Life Award

This award recognizes underclass students who have significantly contributed to the improvement of the quality of student life during their time at Lehigh. Criteria includes: good academic standing and specific contributions to student life through involvement in campus activities, academic initiatives, student governance, community service, leadership and their pursuits to support and empower their peers.

The James J. Duane III Student Life Leadership Award shall be presented to the graduating student or students who exhibit the qualities of James J. Duane, III Class of 1973, whose leadership ability, exemplary moral character and dedication to improving campus life through collaboration with faculty, administration and student organizations has enriched student life at Lehigh University.  This award serves to recognize students who are committed to high ideals and making a positive difference for the University they love.

Ujima Award

“Ujima” is the third principle of Kwanzaa and means “collective work and responsibility.” This award recognizes a student who has taken responsibility for and worked collectively with others to create a more inclusive campus community. In selecting students for this award, the committee will consider contributions to multiculturalism and diversity including, but not limited to: significant one-time and/or on-going improvements to the campus climate at Lehigh in terms of diversity; creating environments where diverse groups of students work together towards the achievement of common goals; sustained involvement in campus activities that strive to educate Lehigh students on the importance of diversity and multiculturalism; and supporting peers in creating and sustaining an environment where all backgrounds and experiences are accepted and welcomed.

Service Above Self Award

This award recognizes those students or organizations who best exemplify the qualities of caring and concern for others through their participation in and/or coordination of volunteer and service activities.

The Allegiance Award

This award is presented to seniors to recognize their dedication and continuous improvement focused within a specific organization. Outstanding performance in this area includes; the senior's impact on the organization, being an organizational member for a substantial portion of their time at Lehigh, serving in a variety of roles within the organization, and being instrumental in overall organizational management such as visioning, goal setting and yearly transition for the organization.

John W Smeaton Pillar of Integrity

This award is bestowed upon a graduating senior who, through their involvement and campus leadership, has been unwavering in contributing to a campus community that is inclusive and respectful for all.  The recipient has also consistently embraced the leadership qualities that made Dr. Smeaton such a beloved and valued administrator:  wisdom, compassion, thoughtfulness, a sense of fairness and, perhaps most importantly, integrity.

RHA Character Award

The Residence Hall Association Character Award recognizes a student who has worked to improve student life at Lehigh in the areas of Residential Services or Residential Life. This award is intended for that student who truly makes an exceptional difference in student life at Lehigh, making decisions for the betterment of the University, not solely for personal gain. The award recipient should show promise in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. Please provide a descriptive paragraph about the nominee and their involvement and contributions to student life. Preference is given to a student who is currently residing in one of the Lehigh University Residence Halls.

Student Club/Organization Advisor Award

This award recognizes the advisor's contribution to student organizations. Please list information regarding involvement, activities, or accomplishments which support the nomination.

Student Club/Organization of the year Award

This award recognizes the club or organization that has been the most active on campus throughout the academic year and has pursued to the highest degree their overall purpose as a club.

The Outstanding Educational Programming Award

This award acknowledges an educational program conceptualized and implemented by students that has made a positive impact on members of the Lehigh community. An award winning educational programs includes: opening students viewpoints to new perspectives, cultivating a spark for continued and deeper learning, and involving students in experiential and/or creative learning methods that actively engage participants in the learning processes.

The Excellence in Entertainment Programming Award

This award recognizes a program whose primary purpose was to provide an engaging entertainment opportunity on campus for the entire Lehigh community. Highly entertaining campus programs worthy of this award include: creating a positive and fun atmosphere that is inclusive of all students, providing entertainment options that enhance the university mission, creation of a space where students can engage with other students, faculty or staff in a way that is fun and enjoyable for all.

The Exemplary Cultural Programming Award

This award honors a cultural program that embodies the ideal that all cultures should be celebrated, honored and embraced within the Lehigh community. A cultural program includes the following: enlightening the university community about a particular culture(s); showcasing cultural identity, traditions or heritage through a variety of mediums; and cultivating a new level of awareness and respect for various cultures in participants.

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Also on this page 

you will find a listing of many of the awards and prizes students are eligible to receive.  We encourage you to explore these awards and nominate any deserving students whenever possible! Also, if you notice an award that should be included on this page, please email us at and let us know your suggestion!

  • Harice K. Monyek Prize

This prize, given in honor of Mrs. Monyek, is awarded annually to a rising senior who has demonstrated success both in academics and leadership. Preference for this prize is given to students from Illinois. The prize includes a scholarship, which is credited toward the student's bursar account. This process will be initiated each spring by the Dean of Students office and the Admission's office.

The Vice Provost Award for Service was established in the Spring of 2004 by the Community Service Office. It was determined that Lehigh University needed a very special and distinct way to recognize, reward and celebrate the contributions of those whose selfless giving represents the highest standard for service and volunteerism. As the most prestigious form of volunteer recognition, this honor is bestowed upon any student, faculty and/or staff member that demonstrates exceptional, unparalleled service to promote transformation and change.

The recipient shall be a graduate student in good standing who has shown exemplary commitment, leadership and service to the Lehigh graduate student community and whose efforts have made significant contribution to graduate student life. This leadership represents the highest traditions of Lehigh University, a tradition characterized by service beyond the scope of the person's graduate studies.

Alumni Association Awards:

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