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The Fit Living community is based on the goal of attaining a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of the idea. Members are encouraged to practice regular physical activity and eat a balanced and healthy diet to keep their physical being in a manner that allows them to live life to its fullest. A healthy mind and social life will also be achieved through hard work in the classroom and creating a community of like-minded individuals who act as both a support and guidance system for one another. Community members learn to take advantage of the resources on campus to help them lead a full and healthy life as well as strategies and ideas that will go beyond their time here at Lehigh.

Meet the Team!

Faculty Fellow: Pat Costa (Director of the Integrated Business & Engineering Program)

Community Coordinator: Laura Marsiglio

Gryphons: Eliza Wastcoat

Assistant Director:  Sarah Thompson


What Makes this Community Unique?

2018-2019 Location: House 87

House Amenities: Workout equipment

Past Events: 

  • SkyZone trip
  • Smoothie De-stress Event featuring Enlightened- a low calorie, high protein ice cream alternative
  • Taco Tuesday