Lamberton Operations and Student Engagement

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Graduate Assistant for

Lamberton Operations and Student Engagement


This Graduate Assistant will work as a member of the Dean of Students staff committing 20 hours per week and will receive an allotted monthly stipend and 18 credit hours per year (maximum nine per fall and spring semester).  The Graduate Assistant will report directly to the Assistant Director of Student Engagement and will be responsible for handling the designated responsibilities outlined below.



  • Be enrolled in a degree program at Lehigh University
  • Have co-curricular experience as a student leader
  • Work well independently and show a high level of initiative
  • Work effectively with undergraduate students
  • Possess computer skills in Microsoft Office and the ability to learn additional department specific software as required ie. WhenToWork, Canva, LINC, etc.
  • Be well organized
  • Previous customer service and work experience necessary
  • Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Previous experience with audio visual equipment preferred
  • Must be able to handle a flexible work schedule to handle a variety of hours that may include day, limited evening, and limited weekend hours



Computer skills

  • Responsible for the inputting and updating all staff information, posting notifications, sending and monitoring various types of communication methods for staff
  • Develop and revise all necessary materials for the staff operations
  • Maintain information in our group section of the LINC.  Utilize The LINC or Baseline/Campus Labs for staff surveys and providing staff all necessary reading materials; implement training using Baseline/Campus Labs (Student Voice) for surveys, online tools and quizzes
  • Create and upkeep assessment data; create programs and training utilizing a variety of different methods
  • Maintain game room inventory via Obsidian software
  • Maintain Lamberton Hall social media presence
  • Create posters, as needed, for events held in Lamberton Hall

Student Staffing

  • Scheduling:  Schedule student Building Managers and Supervisors through WhenToWork software.  Create and upkeep schedules, provide training, arrange and facilitate a weekly Manager Meeting.  Work directly with student Building Managers to plan and create twice-weekly staff meetings, semester staff retreats, trainings, and staff projects.
  • Hiring:  Assist with the interviewing and hiring of students to fill open Building Supervisor and Game Room Supervisor positions, facilitate the internal application and interview presentations to fill open Manager Positions.
  • Training:  Assist with the training of all new student staff.  Facilitate one-on-one and small group training of student staff based on observation and assessment information.
  • Staff Retreats:  Assist with the program development and implementation of the Student Staff Retreat for the fall and spring. Incorporate Student Life Curriculum bLUeprint learning established by our department. 
  • Student Staff Payroll:  Oversee all student staff payroll information, create reports, and submit bi-monthly log reports to the Assistant Director; develop and maintain a spreadsheet record for each student’s hours/wages for all pay periods; maintain account balance records on Excel spreadsheet; provide the Director with datasheets of individual work study student balances and department account payroll account balances. 
  • Weekly Staff Meetings:  Assist building managers with and/or develop program and material items for two weekly staff meetings for student staff.   Weekly staff meeting will be planned in advance and will incorporate at least one of the nine major core competencies and job skills based around the department’s Student Life Curriculum bLUeprint, Learning Outcomes, and Assessment Plan for Student Staff. Create Lesson Plans for Maintain records for assessment purposes for each activity and further broken down by staff member.
  • Assessment and Evaluations:  Periodically create surveys and administer November/December Staff bLUeprint assessment survey coinciding with job knowledge, activities, and training through Baseline/Campus Labs.  Compile data and upkeep assessment records.  Assist in the evaluation process of each Building Supervisor in March of the Spring Semester.  Create individual summaries from the completed evaluations for staff review and Director’s one on one meeting with each student staff member.


  • Facilities Upkeep: Ensure maintenance and upkeep of Lamberton Hall. Report all damages or issues to Assistant Director. Maintain furniture inventory, report damages to Assistant Director. Ensure that furniture is stored properly.
  • Event Set-ups: Be aware of, familiar with, and capable of completing daily setups for events being held in Lamberton


  • Lehigh After Dark: Assist with Lehigh After Dark Programs and Initiatives as needed. This includes but is not limited to: LAD Trivia, Wingo, LAD Programs in Lamberton Hall.
  • Late-Night Programming: Assists with late-night programming in Lamberton. This include programs planned and executed by the Office of Student Engagement and those that are planned by other Lehigh groups, clubs, offices or organizations. Be ready to serve as a resource for student groups or organizations planning events in Lamberton
  • Student Engagement Programming: Assist with programming initiatives tasked to the Office of Student Engagement. This includes, but is not limited to: Club Expo, OAP, and Grace Lounge Programs.   

Other Responsibilities

  • Assisting:  Assist the Student Center Facilities Director and Reservations staff as needed.   Assist and monitor the day-to-day operations of the U.C. Information Desk.
  • Regulations: Be familiar with the university’s regulations, policies, and procedures