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Music Appreciation


The Music Appreciation community strives to spread the joy, passion, and artistry that can be created through music. Our community not only listens to music, but performs as a group, learns how to play different instruments, and immerses themselves into culturally diverse genres. Here in the Music Appreciation House we embrace the unique gifts that Lehigh’s student body has, and we also work to foster a talent in those willing to learn. Our primary goal is to foster a setting where those who are musical performers (and those who are looking to become musical performers) can feel comfortable and involved in a community where there is adequate practice space for the campus’ growing musicians.

Meet the Team!

Faculty Fellow: Darin Lewis (Adjunct Professor, Marching 97 Band) and Ellen Lewis (Department Coordinator, Music)

Community Coordinator: Adam Wiley

GryphonsStephanie Pugh

Assistant Director:  Lou Gardiner


What Makes this Community Unique?

2018-2019 Location: Warren Square C

House Amenities: Sound-proof room

Past Events: 

  • Musical practices
  • Family Feud