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The Music Appreciation community strives to spread the joy, passion, and artistry that can be created through music. Our community not only listens to music, but performs in a variety of musical organizations such as the Marching 97, acapella groups, and Choirs throughout campus. The community does not focus on one genera of music but emmerses its members in a variety of music to gain deeper appreciation. Here in the Music Appreciation House we embrace the unique gifts that Lehigh’s student body has and work to foster a talent in those willing to learn. Our primary goal is to foster a setting where those who are musical performers (and those who are looking to become musical performers) can feel comfortable and involved in a community where there is adequate practice space for the campus’ growing musicians.


Meet 2021-2022 Music Appreciation Leadership Team!

Faculty Fellow: TBD

Community Coordinator:  TBD

Assistant Director:  TBD

2019-2020 Location:  House 85