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Repress The Stress Sleep For SuccessThe ABC's of STDs

Mind Your MedsCalling The ShotsSpreading The News

Repress The Stress

Repress the Stress will identify three key takeaway issues; how to identify the signs of stress, how to recognize the difference between good and bad stress and how to reduce and cope with stress. Lehigh specific data will be shared regarding stress and how it influences academic performance. 

Sleep For Success

The sleep program is a 45 minute interactive and educational program intended for approximately 25-30 undergraduate students. The purpose of the program is to identify student sleep habits and to facilitate learning about the environmental influences on sleep and beneficial practices which lead to improved productivity, academic performance and overall health.

The ABCs of STDs

The sexual health program is a 35-45 minute demonstration-based program intended for approximately 15-20 undergraduate students. The purpose is to identify student knowledge regarding sexual health and STIs. The goal is to further students' knowledge about different STIs including prevention and treatment. This program is designed to be run by either a health program faculty member or trained Peer Health Adviser. Ideal audience size is 15-20  undergraduate students.

Mind Your Meds

The prescription drug abuse program is a 60 minute demonstration-based program intended for roughly 20-30 undergraduate students. The demonstration's purpose is to identify student knowledge regarding prescription drug abuse and to facilitate learning about how prescription drugs can affect an individual's brain, lifestyle, well-being and overall health.

Calling The Shots

The demonstration's purpose is to identify student knowledge regarding alcohol and specifically to convey actual versus perceived alcohol consumption of Lehigh students in an effort to make students cognizant of what they are drinking. This training will discuss how to raise awareness of the effects of alcohol, explain the bystander effect

Spreading The News

Spreading the News will provide an overview of common germs and bacteria in our everyday lives as well as reasons why and how we get sick. Treatment methods and ways to prevent getting sick will all be discussed. 


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