Peer Health Advisors

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Who We Are:

Students trained by Health Advancement & Prevention Strategies staff members and other campus experts to help advance the health and safety of their peers at Lehigh University. Peer Health Advisors provide peer-to-peer support, advice, resources and programming to promote health behaviors. 

Our Mission:

To make Lehigh University a healthier and safer place through strategic peer-to-peer interactions focused on the promotion of healthy behaviors.

What We Do:

Peer Health Advisors provide a variety of services to Lehigh University and the surrounding community, including 1) facilitating interactive health programs on data-driven,  priority health topics for Student Organizations, Residence Halls, and/or anyone else who requests them, 2) sponsor and participate in campus-wide health awareness campaigns and events, 3) recognizing on-campus needs and implement positive, lasting campus culture and policy change, and 4) referring peers to appropriate on-campus resources. 

Interested in joining us and contributing to campus change? Find information about the Peer Health Advisor application process here

Goals for Peer Health AdvisorsGoals for Peer Health AdvisorsGoals for Peer Health Advisors