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Peer Health Exec Board

Kylie Seyler
Kylie Seyler
Outreach Executive
“Being a Peer Health Advisor has been a great opportunity for me to increase my knowledge about health, well being, and mindfulness. It has also allowed me to learn more about the challenges Lehigh students face..."
Sara Weisman
Sara Weisman
Programming Executive
“Peer health is an extremely rewarding experience because I am able to use the resources and information I have learned to help better the Lehigh community."
Mia Zibello
Recruitment Executive
"Peer Health has provided me with the unique opportunity to help my community navigate, understand, and utilize well-being resources to improve health outcomes on campus."
Carly Faust
Marketing Executive
"Peer Health is a safe space for individuals to come together and share thoughts and ideas. As a group, we are always looking to help one another and better the greater community."