Medical Amnesty

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What is Medical Amnesty?

Medical Amnesty is a policy that protects student bystanders and those who need medical assistance from drugs or alcohol possession charges and penalties.  

What does this mean?

“Students who seek emergency medical services for themselves or for another student will not be charged with violations of the Lehigh University Code of Conduct related to that consumption, provided that the student subsequently completes an evaluation and any recommended treatment at the University Counseling and Psychological Services.”

See full Medical Amnesty Policy 

What are you supposed to do?

As an individual: 

If you are concerned about your current state, reach out to LUPD or find someone that can call for you. 

As a friend:

If you are concerned about another person, always call LUPD and stay with the individual and do not leave your location until they have arrived. Even if you are under the influence, you will be covered by medical amnesty. 

As part of an organization: 

If you are part of an organization, you are required to call for help if someone is need of assistance if you are at an event affiliated with your organization. If you don’t, your organization is held responsible. 

No one is authorized to drive to the hospital, always call for help.

How to be covered by medical amnesty?
  1. Recognize that you or someone else needs help

  2. Provide truthful and accurate information

  3. Stay on the scene and cooperate 

Everyone at the scene will receive legal amnesty and university amnesty; even if everyone is underage. 

What you can expect?
  1. Receive a letter from the Dean of Students 

  2. Meet with staff from the Student Conduct Office

  3. Meet with University Counseling and Psychological Services (UCPS)

  4. Complete an online questionnaire (which will include alcohol assessment test & self-reflection questions)

  5. Your parent/gaurdian is notified (if under 21 years of age)

What is the financial aspect of this?

You may incur expenses from transportation to the hospital and your hospitalization itself. However, you are not always going to the hospital even if you call LUPD or Bethlehem Police. 

What are the resources available for support?

If you are in need of additional support

Set up an appointment at the Counseling Center | Download TELUS

If you are concerned for the individual you called for

Call LUPD at (610) 758-4200 | Connect with our CARE Team

How to identify alcohol poisoning? Remember your ABCDs

Are they awake and ALERT? | Are they BREATHING? | What COLOR are their hands and lips? | Do you have any DOUBT?

If you are unsure of any of the following symptoms, its always better to call and be safe.