Surveys and Data Collection

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Assessment and evaluation are at the core of our work. We ground our initiatives and programs in research and evaluation that ensure these efforts are needed, relevant, and effective. In addition to ongoing assessment of our various initiatives, we administer several surveys to inform our health promotion efforts. The goal of collecting this data is to gain a profile of health habits, behaviors, perceptions, and trends among Lehigh students and to benchmark against national data. 

The American College Health Association - National College Health Assessment III

The ACHA-NCHA II is a nationally recognized research survey that assesses a range of health issues among college students, including:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use
  • Sexual health
  • Weight, nutrition, and exercise
  • Sleep
  • Mental health
  • Personal safety and violence
  • Campus-specific questions.

Undergraduate and graduate students are randomly selected to participate in this confidential, web-based survey. The survey is typically administered every three years. 

For more information about the ACHA-NCHA III, including access to downloadable national datasets, click here.


Life at Lehigh: Community and Well-Being Survey 

Formally the Alcohol Use and Social Options Survey, HAPS partners with Student Affairs Research and Assessment to administer the Life at Lehigh Community and Well-Being Survey. This survey was first developed in 2011 as a result of Lehigigh participation in the National College Health Improvement Project (NCHIP). Half of the undergraduate students will receive an invitation to take the survey in the fall semester and the other half will be asked to complete it in the spring semester. 

Some recent changes to the survey include a number of established scales including:

  • Diener Flourishing Scale – Psychological Well-Being (PWB)
  • UCLA Three-Item Loneliness Scale (Hughes, et. al. 2004)
  • PHQ-4: The Four-Item Patient Health Questionaire For Anxiety and Depression
  • Sense of Community Scale developed by Hoffman, Richmond, Morrow, and Salomone (2003)


For more information on these surveys or to request data from either of these surveys please reach out to or