Sophomore pLUnge

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A small group of students will be selected to actively participate in connecting and applying high-impact experiences in the 5 Foundations for Student Success in relation to their goals. In the spring semester, students will join a cohort of peers for monthly meetings over a meal to explore their leadership skills and develop their project. By completing this, they will receive funding to implement their project or for a professional development opportunity to work towards implementation. This is a great opportunity to dive into your learning and think about how you want to make an impact at Lehigh!


What is the Sophomore pLUnge?

What qualifies as a high-impact Sophomore pLUnge event?

The experience must include:

  • Actively participating and applying information (going beyond passive participation in a workshop)
  • Further exploring a concept or office resource utilized in your first-year experience (on or off campus)
  • Learning is applicable to one of the five foundations for student success
What's required of me in the fall?

Students will be encouraged to take advantage of various resources on campus by utilizing the services they may have learned about in their first-year.  Programs should span the 5 Foundations for Student Success. Students will complete an application and will be notified of their status at the end of January.

What will I do in the spring?
  • Meet monthly with peers to connect & learn leadership skills
  • Design & implement a project of your choice
  • Chat with a staff mentor to aid you in your project
What will I gain from this program?
  • Connect with a cohort of peers
  • Learn valuable leadership skills
  • Make a difference for you & others!
  • Receive funding to implement your project
Sophomore pLUnge Fellows Application
Admissions is rolling.