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  • Eco House students at a thrifting event

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The Eco House is a place where students create the future. This inclusive community is centered around living sustainably, both environmentally and socially. With projects like composting, rain water collection, hydroponics in the greenhouse, and a permaculture garden, students are constantly engaged in reducing their impact on the external environment while simultaneously providing for the needs of the community. House dinners with fresh produce create a unique bond among residents who are always there to talk about difficult issues and help each other through hard times. The Eco House is a living laboratory for exploring new ways of building community and organizing production to create the change the residents want to see in the world.

Meet the Team!

Faculty Fellow: Albert Wurth (Associate Professor, Political Science)

Community Coordinator: Emma Neary, Katelyn Marina

Assistant Director:  Lou Gardiner

2019-2020 Location: Warren Square D


What Makes this Community Unique?

House Amenities: Community garden, greenhouse, slow-flow shower heads

Past Events: 

  • Swap Shops
  • DIY Reusable Bags
  • Gardening
  • Eco House 10-year Reunion