LVAIC Cross-Registration

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LVAIC Cross-Registration & Requests for Accommodations

It is important that students be aware of all policies and procedures of the college or university at which he/she will cross register. Each institution may have different policies regarding accommodations for a specific disability. This information is available and accessible on the institution’s web page. Students requesting accommodations should be informed of the following guidelines:

  • Student must present documentation of the disability to the Disability Support Service provider of the course-registered institution. This documentation must meet the requirements of the cross-registered institution.
  • Student should meet in a timely manner*, prior to the first day of classes, with the Disability Support Service provider of the institution to which he/she is cross-registering in order to facilitate accommodation needs.
  • Student must present a letter from his/her home institution to the Disability Support Provider of the institution to which he/she is cross-registering, which outlines:
    1. Issues which arose on his/her home campus
    2. Accommodations which he/she received at the home campus
    3. A list of strategies that have been successful and those which have not.

Each institution reserves the right to modify previous accommodations based upon its in-house policies.

* A timely manner is contingent upon each individual case. For example, a minimum of one week is required to accommodate extended or distraction-reduced test time; a minimum of one month is required to accommodate requests that require modification of architectural barriers, interpreter services, etc. Each institution will work as diligently as possible to accommodate students.