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Student FAQ's

How would I benefit from working with the Academic Support Services?

There are several benefits to students who work closely with Academic Support Services. First, the director works to coordinate accommodations for students who have a documented disability on a course by course basis each semester in order to maximize students’ academic success. Second, we work with students to become increasingly aware of their strengths and weaknesses thereby helping them become independent managers of their academic careers. Third, we work with students to expand their repertoire of study skills and strategies as they take on increasingly challenging course work. Fourth, we provide academic “coaching,” which helps students stay paced with their work, allowing them to complete assignments in a timely manner. Fifth, we recommend other professionals and support services on campus when appropriate. Statistically, students who work in conjunction with Academic Support Services earn higher GPAs than those who do not.

If I received accommodations in high school, does that mean I will receive them in college?

Not necessarily. The diagnosis needs to meet the criteria of a “disabling condition” when compared to the average person in the general population. The test data needs to support evidence of a current, significant, and functional limitation that impacts learning. The evaluation must support a link between the disability and the requested accommodation.

I'm eligible for academic accommodations.  Now what happens?

Students who are eligible for accommodations must sign a Professor Notification and Accommodation Form at the beginning of each semester. The notification form must be completed each and every semester that you are requesting accommodations. This is a release form giving our office permission to notify your professors that you are eligible for academic accommodation. You will then receive letters outlining your accommodations. These letters must be hand delivered to your professors during their office hours.

Why might I want a mentor?

Mentors are upper class students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD who have been very successful here at Lehigh and “know the ropes.” Moreover, mentors are usually matched with students who are in the same college and share similar interests. The mentors are available to provide guidance on academic and social issues. They have the insight that only other students can offer. Finally, the mentors organize a number of group events throughout the year that are not only informative, but relaxing and fun as well.

How often can I schedule appointments?

Typically, first year students are encouraged to meet with the Director of Academic Support Services or the Director of Learning Disability Support Services once a week for thirty minutes during the fall semester. However, depending on the student’s needs and schedule, appointments can be scheduled less frequently either on a regular basis, or on an “as needed” basis. Please make appointments with the secretary either in person in Williams Hall - Suite 301, or by phone at 610-758-4152.