Temporary Injuries

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Although DSS works primarily with students with permanent disabilities and chronic medical conditions, our office does provide temporary parking and transportation accommodations to students with short-term needs.  To apply for a temporary parking or transportation accommodation, please visit the Parking and Transportation section of the DSS website. 

The Office of Academic Life & Student Transitions assists students who may need accommodations due to COVID-related illness or other temporary or acute illnesses or conditions.  Students in need of temporary academic accommodations due to accident, illness, hospitalization/surgery, or other situations which may not be considered disabling under ADAAA, work with Academic Life & Student Transitions to receive the academic accommodations and support they may need to maintain their academic programs with minimal interruptions.  To request temporary academic accommodations, students should do the following: 

  1. Notify professors of current absence and/or injury/upcoming surgery as soon as possible.

  2. Contact Dean Lori McClaind in Academic Life & Student Transitions.

  3. Fill out the Student Absence Form as needed.