Meet the 2019-2020 Advisors

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Meet the Peer Health Advisors

Alysse Weinberg, PHA President
Alysse Weinberg
Hometown: Bethesda, MD; Major: Psychology and Health, Medicine, & Society; "I enjoy thinking creatively about how to promote healthy behaviors among students and playing a hand in the changing conversation about health at Lehigh."
Anna-Olivia Anderson
Hometown: Princeton, NJ; Major: Behavioral Neuroscience and Health, Medicine & Society; "I love being part of making a positive impact on the health of the Lehigh community."
Neena Shah
Hometown: Asbury Park, NJ; Major: Bioengineering; "[I enjoy] Helping inform and connect students with health information and resources, bringing positive change to health at Lehigh."
Morgan Gillies
Hometown: Albany, NY; Major: Bioengineering; "I love being able to promote positive and healthy behaviors on campus."
Krisana Goel
Hometown: Clarksville, MD; Major: Psychology and Health, Medicine, & Society; "I love being able to help people on campus and making this campus more inclusive and healthy!"
Ryan Seth
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA; Majjor: Behavioral Neuroscience; "[I enjoy] The ability to spread awareness on the health issues that affect this campus most."
Vinny Polignano
Hometown: Ottsville, PA; Major: International Relations & HMS; "[I enjoy]Talking about important issues on campus helps de-stigmatize health issues on campus!"
Cassidy Drost
Hometown: San Diego, CA; Major: Biology; "I love being able to connect with students of all years and educate as well as inform myself about ongoing health issues that directly impacts our student body."
John Huang
Hometown: Allentown, PA; Major: Biochemistry; "Big fan of the learning process, being able to educate others on health issues and yet at the same time learning something myself."
Stephanie Pugh
Hometown: Holmdel, NJ; Major: Accounting; "I love that the organization makes an impact on campus through informational means and by allowing students to destress with us."
Shannon Taylor
Hometown: Doylestown, PA; Major: Bioengineering; "[I enjoy] Being able to make an impact on Lehigh students and spur change on campus."
Emily Cooper
Hometown: Armonk, NY; Major: Psychology; "I love being able to help my peers with anything the need and making a change on Lehigh’s campus!"
Emily Fennell
Hometown: New York, NY; Major: Finance; "I love being able to help others be more educated about so many really important topics that more or less affects everyone on campus."
Marissa Bruno
Hometown: Needham, MA; Major: Behavioral Neuroscience and Marketing; "[I enjoy] being able to see the positive impact we make on students."
Surge Zhu
Hometown: Central China; Major: Finance, BIS; "I love being able to advise students when they have questions and concerns."
Vanessa Pedraza
Hometown: Whitehall, PA; Major: Accounting; "[I enjoy] Promoting health on campus through fun events such a destress with dogs!"
Isabel Hagar
Hometown: Berwyn, PA; Major: Psychology and HMS; "I love all the health resources that Peer Health provides to students, whether it’s the free condoms and stress balls or the education they receive through our facilitations."
Allison Cronin
Hometown: Bedford, NH; Major: Psychology, HMS; "[I enjoy] Presenting to different organizations on campus."
Jenna Lefkowitz
Hometown: Edgemont, NY; Major: Psychology and Health, Medicine, & Society; "I love being able to promote health on our campus."
Emma Bentley-Hicks
Hometown: Canton, NY; Major: Biology; "[I enjoy] Seeing students attending and enjoying the events we host."